Menstrual disorders caused by emotional abnormalities are very common for urban women. There are incurable knife wounds every month, and the infection is fixed once a month. However, you miraculously survived. This is your personal secret – the legend of you and menstruation.

1. Stress is attached to the body and various discomfort of menstruation

1. I have no appetite for anything.

2. What are you thinking? Bother, go away.

3. Come to your sister, my menstruation is coming, go away!

4. Hey, go away, I’m so bored!

5. Often have stomachache and labor pains, just like being stabbed.

6. Don’t eat cold food.

7. I have no strength.

8. I don’t want to do anything. I just want to sleep well.

9. It’s annoying to do anything.


Have you found any pain points in the above 9 conditions?

The menstrual cycle and menstrual disorder of women are regulated by the hypothalamus pituitary ovary axis. The hypothalamus is connected with the central nervous system and receives external stimulation. After integration, it affects the function of the hypothalamus pituitary ovary axis.

Changes in any part of these links will affect ovarian function and menstrual disorder.

Mental factors, such as excessive emotional fluctuation, tension, and large changes in environment or peripheral temperature, cause dysfunction between the central nervous system and hypothalamus pituitary, affect the secretion of gonadotropin, and hinder follicular maturation and ovulation, resulting in menstrual disorder until amenorrhea. If women of childbearing age are under pressure for a long time, they will inhibit the function of the pituitary gland, so that the ovaries no longer secrete female hormones and do not ovulate, and menstruation will begin to be disordered. Similarly, long-term depression, sultry or poor mood will also affect menstruation.


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