The hormone level of postpartum new mothers has not returned to the normal value. At the same time, postpartum anxiety, depression, excessive fatigue in taking care of the baby, and failure to restore ovarian function will lead to irregular postpartum menstruation, time disorder, excessive or insufficient menstruation and so on. Menstrual conditioning has become one of the main tasks of new mothers, but what conditioning methods should be taken to deal with different physique has become a thorny problem for new mothers.

Recognizing one’s own constitution is the key for Xinma to regulate menstruation

1. Cold resistant constitution

When menstruation comes, the abdomen feels cold. Menstrual pain is serious, and cold will be more serious, but keeping warm will feel more comfortable. Menstruation usually comes late. Menstruation often lasts more than seven days. Menstrual blood is dark red and mixed with blood clots like pig liver. Especially afraid of cold, the probability of concurrent weakness is very high.

2. Excessive pressure

Mental instability before menstruation, emotional anxiety, easy to lose temper. The two phenomena of bulimia and anorexia keep repeating. They always fart or burp, which will lead to acne, constipation or diarrhea. Each menstrual pain symptom is different. It will change with the physical condition at that time. There will be abdominal distension or abdominal pain before menstruation, but these symptoms will disappear when menstruation comes. Menstrual blood is generally red, which is normal for four to five days. Sometimes early, sometimes late.

3. Anemia constitution

It’s easy to get dizzy. When you stand up, you’ll see stars. Your skin feels rough and dry. You’re not focused and always forgetful. Abdominal discomfort during physiological period, back pain and back pain, as well as various discomfort symptoms. The color of menstrual blood is pink or light red. The menstrual blood is very thin and the menstrual period is very short. The situation of late menstruation is very serious, often lasting more than 40 days. Even if the menstruation is over, I still feel weak.

4. Constitution with poor blood circulation

Before menstruation, you will feel bloated, protruding lower abdomen, and constipation as soon as menstruation comes. The color of menstrual blood is dark and thick. Sometimes there are blood clots like pig liver. The amount of menstrual blood is large and less on the first day, but it suddenly becomes more on the second and third days, and the menstrual period will be more than 7 days.

5. Weak constitution

Once before menstruation, the feet will be swollen, easy to fatigue, and back pain, not much appetite, easy to catch a cold or diarrhea. There is almost no menstrual pain. The menstrual blood is light red, sometimes more and sometimes less, showing polarization. Menstruation is short. If it is complicated with anemia, menstruation is easy to be late. Poor metabolism, severe edema, especially obesity in the lower body.


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