It is said that women have fewer menstrual problems after giving birth to children. In fact, it’s not the case. Sometimes if you don’t pay attention, you also have a lot of trouble with postpartum menstruation. Some mothers leave a message saying that they have a lot of menstruation. They are panic. They don’t know whether it is normal or something wrong with their body?

First of all, we should understand the concept of more menstruation. If it is only a little more than before, but at a normal level, it can not support a large amount of menstruation. Generally speaking, if the daily menstrual volume exceeds 80ml, it can be regarded as excessive menstrual volume in medical diagnosis, that is, the amount of sanitary napkins. It is estimated that the normal amount is changed four or five times a day on average, and each cycle does not exceed two packs (10 tablets per pack). If 3 bags of sanitary napkins are not enough, and almost every piece of sanitary napkin is wet, it belongs to excessive menstruation.

In addition, it is normal to have a large amount of menstruation during the first postpartum period, which occurs to many people. The failure of postpartum ovarian function is closely related to endocrine disorders. With the recovery of various functions of the uterus and the balance of endocrine,. However, if you are in the situation of excessive menstruation for a long time, mothers had better pay attention to this problem.


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