Jia Jia is 2 years old, Jia Jia mother’s menstruation is still not normal, which makes her very distressed! If postpartum mother does not pay attention to rest and conditioning, it is easy to appear menstrual disorder, such as Jiajia mother. She took her own children alone, had busy housework every day, and received some online part-time subsidies for her family. To complete these tasks, every night after the child fell asleep, they began to be busy in front of the computer, and staying up late for a long time led to irregular menstruation. Postpartum menstruation does not adjust, how to do? How to adjust?

Method 1: abandon bad habits

Irregular work and rest: often stay up late, life is irregular, easy to lead to endocrine disorders, menstrual cycle may become irregular, and also prone to wrinkles, which is absolutely not a good thing for women. After childbirth mother should cherish oneself, regular work and rest, avoid excessive tired.

Over diet: some mothers want to lose weight quickly after childbirth, and they use diet. If you overeat, lack of energy, and consume a lot of fat and protein stored in the body, it may cause the disorder of estrogen synthesis, and affect menstrual flow, or lead to a few menstrual volume, even amenorrhea. Therefore, after childbirth mother lose weight, must not overeat.

Do not pay attention to warm: menstrual period by cold stimulation, will make the pelvic vessels too constricted, ovarian dysfunction, resulting in too little menstruation. Therefore, postpartum mother should pay attention to cold prevention during menstruation, avoid rain, swimming, drinking cold drink, etc.

Method 2: keep good mood

Mental factors, such as excessive emotional fluctuation, tension, and large changes in environment or peripheral temperature, can cause dysfunction between the central nervous system and hypothalamus and pituitary gland, and affect the secretion of gonadotropin, and the dysfunction of follicular maturation and ovulation function, which may cause monthly disturbance.

The stimulation of nervous, anxious, irritable, fear and other bad emotions can cause ovarian dysfunction. Depression or depression often reduce menstrual volume or even amenorrhea, while emotional tension can increase menstruation or menstruation ahead of time. Long term mental depression, frequent sultry or suffering from major mental stimulation and psychological trauma can lead to menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea.

Therefore, after childbirth mother to maintain a good mood, can not overwork, can participate in some outdoor activities, relax themselves.

Method 3: learn to massage yourself

In the ordinary day, postpartum mother more to their own massage, can alleviate menstrual disorder symptoms. Note that self massage is performed before and after menstrual period, and the effect is better.

Take the supine position, knead the Qihai point (1.5 inch below the navel of the abdominal midline) for about 1 minute with the right hand fish, then click the three yin points of the lower limbs in turn with the right thumb finger and the rib surface of the abdomen. Press one minute for each point, and massage the small abdomen with the palm of one hand for about 1 minute.

Take the prone position, massage the lumbosacral part for 2 minutes with the hands palm first, then press Shenyu, Mingmen, Baqian and other points for 30 minutes at the finger end of both hands, and then take the two sides of Shenyu points 3 times at the same time with the hands and five fingers.

Also can help regulate menstruation by massage Blood Sea point. The blood sea point is on the inside of thigh and 2 inches on the medial end of patella. When massage, you can put your hands palm on the same side blood sea point, and press for about 1 minute properly, and massage the lower limbs alternately. It is better to do it once before and after menstruation before and after bed and when you get up, but stop massage during menstruation.

Method 4: proper exercise

Proper exercise can promote blood circulation, improve the function of pelvic genitalia, enhance the resistance of people and relieve mental pressure. It also can produce positive effects on the alternating contraction and relaxation of abdominal and pelvic muscles, and play a gentle massage on the uterus, which is conducive to the blood circulation.

After childbirth, mothers should pay attention to regular work and rest, do not suffer from cold, do not overeat, maintain good mood, and exercise appropriately, let their body function in a benign cycle, and then cooperate with the method of self massage, can help improve menstrual disorder.


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