After all, the production of women’s uterus have a certain impact, postpartum menstruation some small abnormalities are always inevitable. Some new mothers have the phenomenon of postpartum hypomenorrhea, so new mothers will worry too much, but this will affect the instability of menstruation. At this time, new mothers need to calm down, find out the reasons and carefully regulate.

Causes of postpartum Hypomenorrhea

Some new mothers’ first postpartum holiday is very few, even a little bit. There are many reasons for the lack of postpartum leave

1. Less postpartum menstruation is also a common condition of less menstruation. Mainly because of endocrine changes and uterine injury, everyone should pay attention to, pay attention to conditioning.

2. The new mother is weak or has traumatic bleeding, such as postpartum hemorrhage.

3. Uterine dysplasia, endometrial stimulation response to ovarian hormones reduced, or partial adhesion of endometrium.

4. The influence of psychological factors. If strongly stimulated and hit, new mothers may also have amenorrhea.

5. Lactation, abrupt climate change, cold in the rain, fatigue, etc. can also cause less regular leave.


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