Baby_mum: I had my first menstruation after delivery. It was too much. Stand up as if urinating out of the feeling, has not been reduced for 4 days, I now use a long night, will also leak blood, do not know if it is menstruation? Is it normal?

As menstruation

Usually, after delivery, the mother’s birth canal will flow bleeding secretions, this kind of bleeding from placenta implantation position, mixed with the remaining secretions in the uterus, such as decidua, tissue debris and mucus, is nausea. If we examine the lochia with a microscope, we can find that the main components of lochia are erythrocyte, endometrial degeneration tissue, epithelial cells and bacteria.

Normally, in the first 4-5 days, the amount of lochia is large and red; about one week after delivery, the amount of lochia gradually decreases and turns brown; after the tenth day, the color becomes lighter, gradually turning from yellow to white, with no special odor. Lochia usually disappears 4-6 weeks after delivery. The duration of caesarean section mothers’lochia is longer than that of normal delivery. If the brown lochia lasts until the rest of the day after delivery, it should be treated in hospital. Usually, lochia does not exceed the amount of menstruation, or more than menstruation or blood clots, vaginal effluents are rotten meat-like tissue or rotten odor, should seek medical attention in time.

2. When does postpartum menstruation come?

The time of first menstruation after delivery varies greatly depending on whether the mother breasts-feeds or not.


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