Menstruation is a “good friend” that your female friends love and hate. And before she arrives, your body system has started to warn, ahead of the high-energy, if there are the following symptoms, you are expected to meet your “good friend”.

Anxiety without place before menstruation

Unknown irritability: It feels strange everywhere today. The air is so stuffy, I’m so upset. Traffic is a good bet today. I’m so upset. Why is the desk so messy? I’m so tired of it.

The whole world is making me angry: it’s been three minutes since I sent my husband a message. Why hasn’t he answered? Why is breakfast so bad today? The whole person is like a balloon about to explode. I really want to say to the world, “Don’t mess with me!”

The whole body is uncomfortable: as if holding two bombs in front of the chest, going up stairs and squeezing buses are all like carrying a heavy load, a little bit touched in the chest has an unspeakable pain!

I’m so tired: I’m tired all day today. I want to sleep in bed, but I really can’t sleep in bed.

Goodness, I’m fat again: I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and find my face is a big circle. What’s the matter? Am I fat again? The weight loss plan is being implemented, and I can’t grow another kilo of meat!

Is it that the world is not going well today? Calm down, look at the date, count the time, is your “good friend” coming to visit you? You may just be troubled by premenstrual syndrome.

Premenstrual syndrome” refers to women’s mental depression or irritability, irritability, insomnia, tension, fatigue and general fatigue and other symptoms 7-14 days before menstruation. In addition, it also accompanies headache, edema, breast swelling and pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, blunt low back pain and other symptoms.

So, pre-menstrual restlessness is actually a normal phenomenon, which is caused by changes in estrogen in the body. These symptoms also disappear with the end of menstruation. So how can we prepare for the coming “good friends” who love and hate?


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