During pregnancy and childbirth, women are temporarily separated from their menstruation. When their postpartum menstruation returns, “premenstrual syndrome” will also follow. It’s the same as before pregnancy. When menstruation is coming, you will still be depressed, upset, suspicious, grumpy and moody when you are a mother Why menstruation not easy to come back, but still so unpleasant?

What is premenstrual syndrome?

Premenstrual syndrome” refers to a series of physical and emotional discomfort symptoms of women in the late period of menstrual cycle (luteal phase d14-d28). In menstruation after the tide will return to no symptoms of the state.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a disease of women caused by physiological and social psychological factors. Its main manifestations are: irritability, insomnia, tension, depression, headache, breast pain, face edema, etc., which can affect women’s normal life seriously. It is understood that 95% of women in childbearing period have symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, of which 5% are called premenstrual syndrome.

For the female friends who have become mothers, they still have to take care of the size of the family. All kinds of chores and troubles pile up together and become a “bomb” ready to explode. Although the situation of every woman is different, if the mother finds some inexplicable changes in physiology or psychology during the luteal period, she will doubt whether it is “premenstrual syndrome”.

▍ how to deal with premenstrual syndrome?

About 14-28 days of menstrual cycle, some mothers will be affected by adverse emotions or physiological adverse reactions. In the face of such a situation, what should mothers do?

• for less severe depression. Exercise, along with dietary supplements, such as vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and other elements can help you feel better, but not immediately effective, insist on three months to see the effect!

• for irritable and tense emotions. Do more exercise on weekdays. When you exercise more than a certain amount, your brain will secrete endorphins, which make you feel relaxed and happy. Running and swimming are good choices.

• for chest pain. Wear a large size of underwear, so that the chest compression as little as possible, you will feel more comfortable.

“Golden oil” method: eat well, sleep well, and shop if you can’t. For most women, shopping is a great way to relieve stress and depression. Shopping can be a distraction, and when you’re focused on choosing products, you don’t remember premenstrual syndrome for a day.

▍ what should a man do in a woman’s irritable period?

Many men can’t understand that women often have changeable emotions. When they are pregnant, they also have changeable emotions before menstruation. They just think that women are unreasonable. Who doesn’t want to be happy every day? It’s just not that you can control if you want to. What should men do in the face of women’s mood changes before and after menstruation?

• be more considerate and tolerant

Women have a bad mood every month. As men, they should be more considerate and tolerant at this time. If you have time, you can go out with her for relaxation or watch variety shows together. It’s also good to catch up with drama.

• active sharing of housework

Postpartum mother to be busy with baby care, but also busy with housework, daily toil. As a husband, I will try my best to do more housework. It’s not difficult to wash dishes or mop the floor. As a father, changing diapers, playing with babies and coaxing babies should be done more.

• care about small details of life

Prepare a cup of hot milk or warm hands on her stomach before going to bed, which can not only reduce the abdominal pain, but also enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

It’s better to pay more attention to your wife, find out her subtle changes in time, and do what you can to help her alleviate premenstrual syndrome.


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