Every woman has a good friend who comes to “visit” once a month. Although it makes people feel a little uncomfortable when she comes, it makes people anxious if she doesn’t come. I believe you have guessed who this good friend is? Yes, it’s menstruation. Generally speaking, there is no sign of “menstruation” only during pregnancy and a short period of time after delivery.

But after giving birth to the baby, the good friend seems to become erratic and irregular, which makes many new mothers very distressed: menstruation, why are you so capricious?

1、 Menstruation is so capricious that sometimes there is no menstruation

Irregular menstrual cycle, long and short

Susan 009: I have menstruation two months after the birth of my baby. Sometimes it takes two or three days, sometimes eight or nine days. There is no accurate time. I’m dying of distress. Before pregnancy, my menstruation has always been very punctual. The menstrual period is basically 6 days. Now it has become like this. Is there something wrong with my body?

Less menstruation

Ruo yiqingfeng: I’ve heard many new mothers say that “menstruation” will become abnormal after giving birth to a child. I didn’t pay attention to it before. Now I’m in it. Every time you come to menstruation, there is only a little. Just use mini sanitary napkins or pads. I also heard that menstruation is actually waste in my body. If I only come a little every month like this, does it mean that I have accumulated a lot of waste in my body?

Excessive menstruation

Koka happy mother: I’ve asked many new mothers who have just given birth to their babies. Most of them have a small amount of menstruation after childbirth, but I’m just the opposite. They come in a large amount. Sometimes they have to use sanitary napkins at night during the day. I suspect my body is abnormal, but others say it’s normal. Is that true?

Postpartum amenorrhea

Taotaoniu 345: I heard from my sisters that they usually have menstruation three months after delivery, but now taotaoniu is almost one year old, and I haven’t had menstruation yet. Originally, we planned to have another baby while we were young, but menstruation didn’t come. How can we get pregnant?


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