Breast milk is a necessary and ideal nutritious food for infants. It is rich in nutrition and suitable for infant digestion and absorption. Breastfeeding is a unique way to provide ideal food for healthy growth and development of infants. Breastfeeding is time-saving, labor-saving, economical and convenient. Can breastfeeding continue after menstruation? Folk legend has it that breast-feeding menstruation, breast milk will have no nutrition, and even toxic to the baby, must be weaned. In fact, this is not scientific.

The frequency of lactation is closely related to the time of menstrual recovery. Generally speaking, the more times a day breast-feeding, the longer the time to suck, the later the menstrual rebirth time; as infants begin to add supplementary food, the number of breast-feeding and sucking time will change, so the infants add supplementary food earlier, the number of breast-feeding and sucking time will be correspondingly reduced, menstrual rebirth time There will be a corresponding advance. In addition to being affected by breast-feeding, the recurrence time varies from person to person. Generally speaking, most mothers have a slightly more first menstrual period after childbirth than before pregnancy. There is no need to worry about it. Everything depends on the body to make its own decisions and do not “emotionally” interfere with normal physiological phenomena.

But there are also a few women less milk, infant sucking stimulation abnormal, irregular, not only breastfeeding, but also may be added to other supplementary foods, prolactin secretion decreased, the mechanism of inhibiting menstruation weakened, so that menstruation. In particular, women who breastfeed for longer periods are more likely to have menstrual recovery. Menstruation does not mean that the lactation women are physically ill or unhealthy.

Under normal circumstances, the quality of breast milk is best from 11 days to 4 months after delivery. After menstruation, milk is more concentrated than usual, contains less fat, protein increases, this milk is harmless to the baby. In order to avoid milk concentration and composition changes, mothers can drink more boiled water during the menstrual period, eat more fish, milk, poultry and vegetable soup. After 4 months of postpartum, there is no need to wean the menstrual flow. Milk is not enough, and milk and rice paste can be added. If to postpartum 8 months menstruation, you can give the baby weaning, daily reduce the number of times to eat milk, increase the amount of supplementary food.

Therefore, during the period of lactation, new mothers do not need to stop breastfeeding. Menstruation, which means that the uterus has returned to normal working condition, is a good phenomenon. If you stop breast-feeding, on the one hand is not conducive to the baby’s feeding, because the cessation of breast-feeding will lead to milk back, breast swelling and pain into lumps, when the time comes to feed the baby will be more painful. When menstruation comes, it is much more necessary to drink plenty of soup, and to promote milk secretion and supplement nutrition is the best policy. If the body is not obviously discomforting or let it be, let’s make our own decisions.



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