@ Zhou Zhou said: menstruation has been irregular after childbirth. There was no milk after childbirth. Don’t feed the baby. The baby has a period of 3 months. But not next month. Wait until the baby comes for a second time at 5 months. But not this month. Is this normal? And it’s a lot of people every time. During the day, use 45 sanitary napkins for extended night use. Is there any way to adjust this?

It turns out that the irregular menstruation is caused by this

1. The endocrine changes, especially the sudden decrease of hCG level, make the ovary unable to respond to the gonadotropin in the anterior pituitary for a while, and also lead to the irregular menstrual cycle.

2. Women have irregular menstrual cycle after delivery because of pregnancy again.

3. The irregular menstrual cycle may be related to the couple’s life. One month after the operation to avoid husband and wife life, some couples failed to do, resulting in uterine infection, inflammation, resulting in irregular menstrual cycle.


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