The most loyal old friend of a woman is menstruation. In addition to the period of pregnancy and postpartum, she has to visit every month. With the gradual recovery of the new mother’s body, it is also time to entertain this loyal old friend. No, it should be a loyal fan. However, if you don’t meet your old friends for a year or so, do you feel strange or embarrassed when you come into contact again? Are the new mothers ready?

Does the new mother know when old friends will visit

The time of the first menstruation after childbirth will be different according to whether the mother is breast-feeding or not. For non lactating mothers, their menstruation will come and ovulate in the average of 6-10 weeks after delivery, that is, within two months after delivery; for mothers who have breast-feeding, ovulation can be prolonged to about 24-27 weeks, or later. Therefore, the amount and time of the first menstruation will depend on the quality of the individual.

The frequency of lactation is also closely related to the time of menstruation. Generally speaking, the more times of breast-feeding and the longer the time of breast-feeding, the later the menstrual recovery time; as the baby begins to add complementary food, the frequency of breast-feeding and sucking time will change, so the earlier the baby adds complementary food, the frequency of breast-feeding and sucking time will be correspondingly reduced, and the time of menstrual recovery will be correspondingly advanced. In addition to the influence of lactation, it is also related to the time when infants began to add complementary food, maternal age, ovarian function and endocrine function recovery.


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