As a woman, love and hate menstruation, but also broken the heart. It’s annoying to come, but it’s also annoying not to come!

Not long ago, I chatted with my friend and learned that she was suffering from menstruation. “After a month of birth, I was preparing to spend a few months fresh and refreshing. As a result, my menstruation came to report! Does not say lactation won’t come menstruation? It’s said that the uterus doesn’t recover well, that’s it? Is there something wrong with your body? “

In fact, after giving birth to the baby, the body of the novice mother is in the recovery stage, menstruation is also easy to get out of condition. The normal arrival of postpartum menstruation indicates the recovery of women’s uterus, but the time of postpartum menstruation is different for everyone.

When does postpartum come menstruation?

Everyone’s physical fitness is not the same, postpartum menstruation recovery time also has sooner or later. Early menstruation will return after the full moon, late may have to wait for a year or even longer.

Generally speaking, postpartum lactation mother, menstruation will be relatively late, time is about 4 to 6 months postpartum, of course, some people come later, maybe a year later. If you don’t have frequent periods, you’ll have early periods.

If it is postpartum lactation, then menstruation is relatively early, generally in postpartum 2 months or so, menstruation will return, but there are a few people in postpartum 4 months later.

There is no good or bad difference between early and late menstruation, because everyone’s physical fitness is different, and whether breast-feeding, lactation time, age and other reasons, so everyone’s postpartum menstruation time is uncertain, some people are early, some people are late, but as long as the body is healthy, the mother does not have to worry.

Does menstruation come early, have effect to the body?

Generally, there is no effect. The only proof is that your endocrine recovers early.

Many mothers worry about menstruation, heard that the quality of breast milk will decline, is not weaning it?

No, no! After menstruation, although milk secretion will be reduced, but this is because the hormone levels have changed. It’s only temporary. It’s normal at the end of the period. As for the decline in the quality of breast milk, it is nonsense! Early weaning of the baby will really affect the baby’s nutrition intake.

So, postpartum mother to menstruation, can rest assured breast-feeding, put the heart in the stomach! At this stage, mother can drink more water, pay attention to balanced nutrition, more rest, and keep a happy mood.

Does menstruation change after giving birth to a baby?

1. Duration of menstruation

Postpartum, ovarian function recovery needs a certain time, so some mothers postpartum menstruation several times, in the time cycle or blood loss will be different from before production, but these are temporary, generally don’t worry, you can observe two cycles or so, will gradually regularity and stability. If the observation of two cycles is still irregular, or delayed, or in a hurry, then it is recommended to go to the hospital to check whether it is caused by endocrine and other reasons.

2. Amount of menstruation

Some mothers postpartum first menstruation will be more, this is a normal phenomenon, generally do not need to be too anxious. However, if the amount of menstruation continued several times are relatively large, and bleeding time more than 7 days, then also recommend to check oh. In addition to too much nutrition and too little rest, we should also pay attention to the causes of anemia.

| no menstruation, no contraception?

Most of the mothers resumed their sexual life within 3 to 6 months after delivery. Everyone has heard that postpartum breast-feeding, menstruation did not come, sexual intercourse does not need contraception!


When we secrete a lot of milk, the estrogen secretion of the egg cells becomes less, so we will stop ovulation for a period of time, and this time is about half a year to a year. However, not everyone is like this, and some people’s situation is different. It is very likely that before menstruation, the ovaries have been working secretly. So, lactation is not contraception is likely to hit!

There must be more or less such examples around us! Postpartum do not want so fast pregnancy, postpartum to give the body a certain recovery period, then we must do a good job of contraception Oh!


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