My friend just gave birth to a baby not long ago. Only a month after the baby was born, my friends have confirmed that the baby will drink milk powder in the future.

There are more and more mothers who have caesarean section because they don’t have a deep understanding of postpartum breastfeeding, which increases the difficulty of breast-feeding. Compared with the natural birth mother, the cesarean section mother postpartum recovery and lactation need more patience. The following questions about breastfeeding are common to most cesarean section mothers. I hope they can help you.

Q: will there be no milk after caesarean section? How to breastfeed?

Mothers need to know that caesarean section itself will not affect the delivery of milk. So, why does caesarean section mother deliver milk not as fast as natural birth mother?

This is because cesarean section is an operation after all, the mother will use anesthetic, the wound will be painful, so there will be early contact, early sucking, often not up to the standard, affecting a large number of lactation; in addition, because of the wound in the body, the mother often does not know what posture to breast-feeding more comfortable, so that the effectiveness of breast-feeding is poor; also, after cesarean section, the mother’s lactation time is late, the baby this When sucking is weak, sucking is more difficult.

Prolactin in the body can not reach the level of rapid lactation, coupled with the lack of baby sucking, milk production appears to be less than breast-feeding mother.

Therefore, cesarean section mothers need to do a good job in breastfeeding support, learn the correct breastfeeding skills, let the baby suck more, the baby’s sucking can most speed up the output of milk.

Q: can you breast feed with anesthetic and postpartum infusion?

There are many mothers worried that the delivery of narcotic drugs, postpartum anti-inflammatory drugs will affect breast milk, not good for the baby.

In fact, the impact of drugs is not enough to be a problem. Generally, about 3-6 hours, the concentration of anesthetics in plasma will be reduced by half. Moreover, in the hands of regular obstetric caesarean section, lactation safe drugs will be used. Even if the drugs are metabolized into milk, the amount is very small, so mothers need not worry.

Because doctors consider that the mother needs to breast-feeding after childbirth, intravenous antibiotics are used for anti-inflammatory infusion after cesarean section, which belongs to safe medication during lactation, and generally does not affect the composition of milk.

Q: is it necessary to add milk powder after caesarean section?

Because the cesarean section mother did not experience the natural birth process, the prolactin in the body can not reach the rapid lactation process for a while, so she will feel breast swelling and pain later than the natural birth mother. However, since the birth of the baby, the hormone in the body has begun to self-regulation, which is not to say that there is no milk without pain.

In addition, cesarean section postpartum lactation is also a relatively normal phenomenon, this time does not need to rush milk. Ensure that the baby sucks more than 8 times a day, and the baby’s sucking is also the best way to promote milk. Generally two or three days later, the mother of caesarean section will give milk. If you can’t get milk because of physical reasons, add milk powder to your baby under the guidance of a doctor, and don’t give up breastfeeding at the same time.

Q: how to feed the wound?

Cesarean section mother lactation is more difficult than natural birth mother, mainly because there are wounds on the body, the wrong posture will cause pain. Due to the special reasons of caesarean section, it is not recommended to adopt the breast-feeding posture of “horizontal holding” in general, but face-to-face side lying position and “Rugby style” posture can be tried. For the first few days, ask your husband or someone else in the family to help you lift the baby to your chest and place it in place.

If it’s not for physical reasons that can’t breastfeed, I hope more cesarean section mothers will not give up breastfeeding because of lack of feeding knowledge, pain, or wrong breastfeeding posture! Try more, I believe that mothers can overcome the difficulties, all difficult start, is for the future smooth breast-feeding Oh!


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