Every time we come to menstruation, we will endure a torment: abdominal pain, headache, lumbago and fatigue. In addition to these physical “tortures,” we often encounter physical embarrassment – there are always vague smells in the private part of the menstrual cycle!

Is there a very fishy smell in the private part of the menstrual period? Is it just an individual phenomenon? No. Menstruation occurs when this flavor, mainly because the blood mixed with blood, Ziying intima and sebaceous gland secretions and sweat smell, so the smell is obvious. It’s real embarrassed. How do we do it?

7 ways to resolve embarrassment

Changing sanitary napkins frequently


Many people like to pack tightly during their menstrual period, which is like adding fuel to a fire. It only increases sweat penetration and odor. Therefore, during menstruation, cotton underwear should be used, and as often as possible replacement of tampons, not more than four hours at a time, so as to reduce skin contact with wet cotton. When the amount of menstrual blood is high, the number of sanitary napkins should be increased correspondingly.

When using sanitary napkins, remember:

Replace it every two hours.

Careful use of sanitary napkins to prevent allergies.

Wash your hands before you open the sanitary napkins.

Sanitary napkins are easy to mold and pollute sanitary napkins in the bathroom.

Clean the pudendum and keep the pudendum healthy.


Female friends should often do local cleaning, at least twice a day with clean water or wet towels to clean the lower body, the situation will be effectively improved.


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