Normally, the products used by new mothers during menstruation are not only sanitary cotton or sanitary cotton. At best, there is one more choice: sliver, in addition to these two choices, really can’t be more.

Joking, there’s another option: the Monthly Event Cup. Maybe the new mother used it by herself or someone around her, but I believe that most of the new mothers know little about the Moon Cup. Here, let’s get to know it.

What exactly is the Monthly Event Cup?

Moon cup, also known as Moon cup, menstrual cup, is a kind of medical silica gel or natural rubber cup, soft and elastic, placed in the vagina, closer to the position of the vulva to fill menstrual blood.

Monthly cup is a product that can be used by new mothers during menstruation except for cotton sliver and sanitary napkin, but its biggest difference from cotton sliver and sanitary napkin is that it can be reused. If the new mother has no idea about the moon cup, you can imagine a small red wine cup made of silica gel with a prominent handle at the bottom. It’s still a bit unthinkable, isn’t it? Well, it’s kind of like a half-cut red wine glass.


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