Neuroendocrine dysfunction, organic diseases or drugs can cause irregular menstruation. However, some women find that they have such a situation after the contraceptive ring: they haven’t had their first menstruation at the time of the ring, but their menstruation comes after the ring, but it is not adjusted – the time is irregular, or the amount of menstruation increases. What are the reasons for this?

Irregular menstruation is the fault of shanghuan?

The upper ring itself is a small operation. Suddenly, a foreign body is placed in the uterus, and the body needs to adapt for a period of time. The uterus may strengthen its own contraction to repel foreign bodies. At this time, some mummies may not feel its existence. Some mummies will have symptoms such as low back pain, vaginal bleeding and irregular menstruation, but these adverse reactions will disappear automatically after a period of time.

Bleeding after upper ring vs menstruation after upper ring

Bleeding after the upper ring: there will be a small amount of bleeding within 3 days after the upper ring operation, which is less than the amount of menstruation, generally no more than 7 days. However, if the menstrual bleeding after the upper ring lasts for half a month and the blood is red, it is necessary to consider or the contraceptive ring over stimulates the endometrium. At this time, we must go to a regular professional hospital for examination in time.

Menstruation after shanghuan: women generally come to menstruation after shanghuan for one month, but it is not absolute. The need varies from person to person. It is also normal for a few women to have late menstruation after going to the ring.

Irregular menstruation: This is one of the most common manifestations of women after shanghuan

Irregular menstruation after upper ring often leads to excessive menstruation, prolonged menstrual period, irregular menstrual bleeding and so on. This situation will occur in the second half of Sheung Wan. With the passage of placement time, this situation will improve.

However, irregular menstruation is not always the reason for the upper ring, so we can’t judge by ourselves. If the menstruation is delayed for more than ten days, it is recommended to go to the gynecology department of a regular hospital for relevant examination, and take correct measures under the guidance of doctors to deal with it in time.

There are two main causes of irregular menstruation after shanghuan:

1. IUD can activate fibrinolytic enzyme in endometrial tissue, and this activated fibrinolytic enzyme is not conducive to local coagulation function. Therefore, the increased fibrinolytic enzyme activity may be the cause of increased menstruation and irregular vaginal bleeding after ring opening.

2. The inappropriate size of the internal contraceptive device may compress the endometrium, causing local tissue necrosis and irregular menstruation caused by inflammatory reaction.


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