Every time menstruation comes, women have to endure abdominal pain, low back pain, emotional irritability and other symptoms, envy men do not have to endure menstruation torture every month. However, although men don’t need to menstruate every month, they also have their own holidays: there are always a few days after a certain period of time showing depression, depression, anxiety, irritability, depression, and even some physical discomfort.

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Husband’s regular holiday, does Baoma know?

Women often complain that men don’t know how to be considerate and considerate of menstrual women. In fact, women may also be more puzzled about amorous feelings, because they don’t know that men also have uncontrollable periods of emotional irritability. Most of the wives didn’t know that the husband also had a vacation, and even had doubts about the husband. Some netizens said, “sometimes the husband is very inexplicable. He releases cold air pressure all day and has a cold attitude, which makes people around him very uncomfortable. They used to doubt whether the husband changed his mind.”

Read the news of the wives said, “menstruation at least bleeding, men do not really see the holiday ah!” In spite of this, it is not difficult for wives to see that they are on regular holidays as long as they pay close attention to their husbands’ behaviors:

· mood change: the mood becomes tense, suspicious, anxious and depressed.

· physiological changes: dry mouth and dry tongue, swelling and pain of teeth, and even oral ulcer; rapid heartbeat, abnormal sweating, tight and stiff muscles; constipation, irregular stool, and prolonged sitting time; headache, insomnia, allergy, molars, general pain, fatigue, and mental distress; poor digestive system, poor appetite, nausea.

· behavior change: it’s easy to have disputes with others; it’s easier to complain, criticize and blame others; it’s indifferent to others; it’s restless and manic; it’s not interested in things it likes.


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