New mom and “old friend” see each other for a long time. Don’t patronize and entertain this “old friend” and forget your “those things”. What’s the matter? That is, during the period of postpartum menstruation, those things that shouldn’t be done, wait for me to come one by one for my new mother.

| postpartum period, things that should not be done.

1. Beating the waist

When the waist is sour and the legs are swollen, we beat the muscles to relieve discomfort. Similarly, many girls habitually beat the waist to relieve the waist pain during menstruation.

Menstrual lumbar distension is caused by pelvic congestion, beating the waist at this time will lead to pelvic congestion, but aggravate the sense of acid distension. In addition, waist beating during menstruation is not conducive to the repair and healing of the wound after endometrial peeling, resulting in increased bleeding and prolonged menstruation.

2, should not do with the bath liquid cleaning pudenda

During menstruation, the pudenda is easy to produce peculiar smell, especially in summer. However, it is not healthy to clean the pudenda with bath liquid or repeatedly wash the pudenda with hot water when taking a bath. On the contrary, it is easy to cause pudenda infection, leading to pruritus. Because the normal female vagina is slightly acidic environment, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, but during menstruation, the vagina will be alkaline, reduce the resistance to bacteria, easy to be infected, if you do not use professional vaginal cleaning solution or use hot water repeatedly cleaning will lead to alkaline increase. Therefore, cleaning pudendal need to choose a professional pudendal cleaning solution, especially in menstrual period.

3. Sex life that should not be done

Menstruation due to endometrial peeling, the surface of the formation of trauma surface, if sexual life, easy to introduce bacteria, so that it retrograde up, into the uterine cavity, causing intrauterine infection.


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