Some mummies say: lactation will also come to menstruation, while others say: lactation will not come to menstruation. In fact, these two situations are normal and vary from person to person. For mothers who do not menstruate during lactation, the most concerned thing is: when will menstruation return to normal after weaning.

Because it has not recovered for a day, there is more anxiety in the heart. Is there something wrong with your body? Or is postpartum recovery not good enough?

1. Menstruation does not come after weaning

Doesn’t it mean that after weaning, menstruation will recover soon? Why am I weaned for 3 months and haven’t come to menstruation yet?

• the first thing to understand is that women don’t have normal menstruation after giving birth. In general, the time of menstruation will be related to whether the mother is breastfeeding or not. The specific time of menstruation should be judged according to the Constitution and actual situation of the new mother.

• new mothers do not normally have menstruation during lactation. Menstruation should return to normal in about four or five months after delivery. However, it is also possible that menstruation will not occur during the whole lactation period, which is related to personal physique and actual situation.


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