The so-called “abortion” is to use artificial methods, even with surgical instruments, to extract embryonic tissues or fetuses within 12 weeks of pregnancy from the uterine cavity, in order to achieve the goal of termination of pregnancy.

Although “abortion” is a minor operation, it is an operation after all, which will inevitably cause injury or complications, such as backache, leg pain, heel pain, weakness, incomplete uterine aspiration and bleeding or inflammation. In addition, after the abortion, the uterus, ovaries and other genitals as well as physical strength have to have a recovery process, so people are accustomed to “abortion” as a sitting “small moon”.

Maybe you have regular menstrual cycles before pregnancy, but after only experiencing “abortion”, you have amenorrhea. Why on earth? Generally speaking, the reasons are as follows:

After all, abortion is an operation. Pregnant women are prone to nervousness and fear, especially for unmarried pregnant girls, whose psychological burden is heavier. This bad mental factor can cause functional secondary amenorrhea in a short period of time. In fact, these women only need to put down the burden of thought, when the brain function returns to normal, menstruation will naturally come, and return to normal regular cycle.

2. Endocrine changes have taken place after abortion, especially the abrupt decrease of the level of chorionic gonadotropin, which makes the ovaries unable to react normally for a while, thus leading to amenorrhea. After a period of time, after the adjustment of endocrine hormones in the body, menstruation will come. 3. Endometrium will inevitably be damaged to a certain extent during the abortion operation. It will take some time to recover to normal. If the endometrium is sucked and scraped off excessively during the abortion, the endometrium can not be completely repaired in a short period of time, which is prone to amenorrhea. When the endometrium is repaired, menstruation will come naturally.

Of course, not all menstruation after abortion is caused by these factors, and some may be caused by uterine infection and inflammation. After the abortion, women avoid sexual intercourse for at least one month, and some couples fail to do so. As a result, women suffer from uterine infection and inflammation, resulting in irregular menstruation. There are a few women in the short term many times “abortion”, serious damage to the endometrial basal layer, resulting in “irregular menstruation after abortion”. If this is the case, it should be treated as early as possible.


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