Female friends are familiar with the “menstruation” that comes every month, but do you know why menstruation is called “menstruation”? Today, I collected some allusions about the opening of brain cavities in “menstruation”.

Then “aunt said” to see which is more funny.

Class 1: Ancient books record that in the late Han Dynasty, there was a famous woman, 28 years old, parents died since childhood, Chenghuan aunt. As time goes by, the media become more and more. Li is affectionate and will be at home. We should be close and listen to the sound of clogs. Jia said, aunt. Li Sheng is hiding. After sweet dew, Li Sheng Na Jie, Jia Li Li. At the time of the bridal chamber, Li Lang waxed the wax and wanted to go through the rain. Jia Yue red, ashamed, said: aunt to. Li Lang suddenly realized that he had stopped doing business. At this point, Li Jia’s (monthly holiday) month red day, used to say: aunt to.

“Second”: one day, a little girl menarche. Suddenly I saw my lower body bleeding. Then he wondered and said, “Why?” and then nervously shouted “Mom!”. Later, more and more blood, called “menstruation.”

“Third: ancient women’s menstruation, because of lack of knowledge, do not dare to walk around at will. Whenever a friend invited him, he lied “aunt came.” Over time, “aunt” has become the pronoun of menstruation.

Some girls privately code their menstruation as “relatives come”. Because my relatives are too old, they are all menopause. So called “menstruation” is the most suitable.

The fifth kind: It comes from the Japanese “I’m back” and the pronunciation is called “his menstruation” in Chinese, so some people will come and say it is menstruation.

“Aunt florence,” or “Aunt Florence,” is derived from English slang. It is abbreviated as “aunt flo” and takes the meaning flo = flow to flow out.

Ha ha ha, I really admire the brains of people from all over the world and at home and abroad. Which of these six kinds of brain holes do you prefer? No matter where the term “menstruation” comes from, it is an “old friend” who accompanies women for most of their lives and “falls in love” with us.

Then, how does “menstruation” come to protect itself?

“Menstruation” period, our “physical strength” will decline, often appear back pain, abdominal pain, breast pain, headache, fatigue, the whole person is not good, and sometimes affect work and learning, we still have to “treat” it!

Don’t catch cold. Keep warm.

Keeping warm is the most critical point in the period of attention. With the advent of menstruation, the physiological level of menstrual women, immune level is in a downward trend.

If you catch a cold at this time, it is easy to make the blood circulation is not smooth, causing bloodstream obstruction, dysmenorrhea, lumbago and abdominal pain adverse consequences, for this period must do a good job in keeping warm.

Special reminder: menstrual women still bathing in cold water, do not do so, now so abusive aunt, aunt will come back one day to abuse you! There are also ice cream and cold drinks to eat during the period, and so do you!

Drink brown sugar and drink more water to warm up.

Brown sugar is warm and sweet, and enters the liver and spleen meridian. It has the function of enriching blood and removing stasis, dispersing cold and alleviating pain. Therefore, women due to cold, blood stasis caused by adverse menstruation, dysmenorrhea, menstrual dark red and abdominal cold pain, drinking some brown sugar water can often play a therapeutic and alleviating role, and can quickly supplement physical strength.

Pay attention to rest and never stay up late.

In the menstrual period must rest well, ensure enough sleep time, so that physical and psychological can be effectively adjusted in sleep. Menstrual women’s physiological level is in an unstable state, more likely to show fatigue phenomenon, so avoid staying up late during the menstrual period, to increase the burden on the body.

Replenish physical strength to prevent physical deficiency

Many women in menstrual period can not swallow, or even have a disgust for things, which will only make the immune system in the menstrual period is weaker, it is suggested that in this period of time moderate supplement of some nutrition, eat more warm food, or high-calorie food, supplement physical strength.

Personal hygiene should not be ignored.

In the menstrual period must pay attention to personal hygiene, recommended sanitary napkins must be changed for up to 8 hours, in order to avoid the infection of vaginal haemorrhagic bacteria, and must use hot water or warm water in the bath, as far as possible choose shower or bath, always maintain personal hygiene.


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