They all say that they have to be young, so that their body can recover quickly. But in fact, the time when women choose to give birth to a baby is constantly dragging back, and 30+ women who have children are not uncommon.

So here we have to say that many mothers are very concerned about the question – is it older, the slower the recovery of postpartum body?

In fact, this argument is valid. This has something to do with the fat in your body. There are two kinds of fat in the human body, brown and white. White fat accumulates under the skin and is responsible for storing excess calories, which is the chief culprit in obesity; brown fat can break down white fat and convert it into carbon dioxide, water and heat. All in all, the amount of brown fat in the body determines whether you are a fat body.

Japanese scientists have found that as people age, the body's brown fat production activity is reduced, so there is less "bad" white fat burning, so people are more likely to gain weight.

Although there is a basis, in fact, brown fat does not completely determine whether your postpartum body can be restored, but in fact, in life, it is more of another kind of willpower to decide the new mother's postpartum body.

This sounds like some chicken soup, but it may be a reference to some older actress actresses. Like Jia Jingwen, who has been called the age-old ageer, she is less than a year old 40+ years old. Her body is like this. ↓↓

Although Jia Jingwen said that she has not lost her weight after she started to lose weight, in fact, she is not so serious.

Diet concept: She believes that the baby only needs a cup of milk and a piece of toast nutrition every day, eat too much, all absorbed by the mother. After the birth, she had a light meal at dinner. If she had eaten more at noon, she would use bean sprouts, onions, and carrots to increase the bone soup for dinner. When she was hungry and drank a bowl, she would no longer eat anything else. It is no wonder that she could quickly recover.

Sports concept: I believe that more sports can get a good body, and insist on yoga slimming after childbirth. Usually I often play with Wutong sister every day, they are chasing her to run…

In short, after reading your postpartum experience, the first thought is not that the actress is born with a lean body, but the thin man has a good self-control ability.

Of course, our willpower will often get out of control. If you are after childbirth, you can't control yourself when you lose weight, eat too much, or sit and sit and don't want to exercise, then I will also provide you with willpower. Small method:

Remember to let yourself move when you are out of control. As long as you feel that you are dragging and pulling, you can increase your self-control even if you try to move around inside the house.

Know how to forgive your mistakes. When you accidentally eat a bunch of meat, play with your mobile phone and miss the yoga exercise… Don't always blame yourself, this will make you "because things are like this, then…" This will make your behavior later more out of control. .



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