Recently, two of the girlfriends in the group were shouting about losing weight. Both of them were slim beauty before pregnancy. Their weight was always double-digit, and they never came back to double-digit after giving birth. Now they are eating weight loss products, are from the circle of friends to know the products, not to mention these weight loss products have no effect, but the price is not cheap ah!

So, I recommend these safe, free and effective ways to lose weight to them. If you stick to it for a while, Xiao Manwai will come back.

First, lose weight while walking.

You can also lose weight by walking. You are not mistaken. Of course, the premise is that you must go right. First of all, learn the breathing method. When the air is inhale, the belly rises and the belly contracts when exhaling. This can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, smooth airflow and increase lung capacity.

Walking on weekdays, you can also use force to narrow the abdomen, with abdominal breathing, so that the abdominal muscles become tight. Maybe you are not used to the first few days of practice, and after a period of time, not only does the abdomen flatten out, but you also walk with more temperament.

Two, do housework while you lose weight.

While disgusting your own fat figure, but also unwilling to move, even simple housework is unwilling to do, that work you have no chance with slim. In fact, postpartum want to throw off fat, do not have to do much intensity of exercise, diligent daily housework, but also effective. For example, sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, wiping the table, washing clothes, cooking and so on, not much exercise, not heavy work, but also can make you sweat, throw away excess fat.

Three, the belly exercise on the chair

You don’t need a variety of tall equipment, you just need to sit in a chair to do calisthenics, simple movements, you can restore the charm of the small waist.

Practice: Sit on the edge of the chair, hands back to the chair back, feel as if people are going to slide down from the chair, relaxed bow back, waist to try to stick to the chair surface.

The first group of movements: leg muscles relax, take turns to do bicycle riding, ask one foot down, the lower the better, but can not touch the ground, the other foot bend upward, the higher the better, repeated practice, 20 times a day.

The second group of movements: with the upper position, both legs bend upward at the same time, and then stretch down at the same time, pay attention to the waist can not top, as far as possible to make the abdomen and stomach contraction, and then as close as possible, do the same 20 times a day.

Four. The belly exercise on the bed.

Postpartum belly meat is the most easily exposed, pregnant pants are mostly not suitable for the head of the right, it is really embarrassing! Postpartum mothers’hearts were broken by the flesh on their bodies, and the more they wanted to get back in shape as quickly as possible, the farther away they seemed from their goals. I tell you, lose weight can not be too anxious, as long as perseverance, iron pestle grinding needle. Before going to bed at night, mothers may as well practice Calisthenics in bed. If you can see the effect every day, the specific steps are as follows:

1, face up, let the body relax and lie on the bed, knees slightly bent up. The lumbar tendons are relaxed and the spine is in vertical tension.

2, force your legs and knees, close your legs. Slowly exhale, and close your knees close to your chest. At this point, the key to the contraction of the big waist is to move the pelvis and stretch the back.

3. The tips of the toes bend 90 degrees with the legs, exerting force on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and inside the knees. Hold this position for about 5 seconds.

4, while inhaling, slowly let the legs return to the state of step 2, and finally return to the original position. Stick to practice, and it will be effective soon.

The above four postpartum weight loss methods, without spending money can help mothers thin waist, want to restore a good figure of mothers, must persist!


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