Losing weight is probably one of the most important things for every mom who has a baby. Some mums exclaim: liberated, no need to nurse finally, no need to drink chicken soup and fish soup all the time. From now on, we must lose weight. But looking down at the hula hoop on the belly, I immediately worried about the mulberry. How can I get rid of this annoying waist fat and return to the era of willow waist?

One two one, one two one, thin waist exercise, now.

Section 1: get up and move

Getting up is very similar to sit ups. First, lie on the bed, keep your legs and hips still when you are ready to get up, and support yourself to get up with the strength of your upper body. After repeated several times, you will find that the body starts to heat up, which is the effect of exercise! Do it every day, and the effect will be visible.

Section 2: waist lifting

Mother lies flat on the bed, with her hands under the back of her head (or neck), her legs bent, and then she will lift her waist with her upper body strength, and lie flat after a few seconds. Mom can practice several times according to her physical strength, and the fat will be eliminated soon.

Section 3: leg lifting

Mom can still finish this festival in bed. After lying on your back, bend your legs in an arc. Take turns to raise and lower your legs in an arc. Do it for 5 minutes in a row and you’ll find that your abdomen is also moving.

Section 4: leg holding

After lying flat on the bed, mom should bend her legs and keep a little distance between her feet. Then get up, extend your hands forward at the same time, hug your knees. After holding your knees, you can return to lying on your back again and repeat several times.

Section 5: V-type movement

Dora here said “V” movement is not to let oneself toss into “V” shape. Mother lies on the bed, buttocks close to the bed, legs and upper body are raised respectively, the included angle presents “V” type. Hold on for a while and mom will find that the abdominal muscles have the feeling of acid, which is the body is consuming fat. Mom can choose the time according to her physical condition.

Section 6: rotary motion

From the sixth section, mom can leave the bed to exercise. First of all, stand with two feet apart. One hand is in front of the body and the other is behind the body. In turn, exchange two hands to touch your ankle. At this time, your waist is also rotating left and right, and the abdominal fat will be consumed naturally.

Section 7: Kick

Before doing this exercise, mom can hold the wall with two hands (the palm of her hand is close to the wall), and her feet are a distance away from the wall. The inclination of her hands is about 45 degrees with the wall. After stabilizing the wall, lift one leg and kick forward and back. You can change the other leg in a few minutes.

Section 8: movement to touch the ground

In fact, Fudi exercise is similar to the exercise of flexibility in high school physical education. Mother stood upright with her feet apart, her index fingers crossed, and tried to touch the ground with her hands. (be sure to stand with your legs straight. )

At the end of skinny waist exercise, don’t sit down, let alone lie down. One, two, one, two, one. Don’t forget to tidy up the exercise. It’s better to stand one more and walk for two rounds. It’s easy to learn and it’s important to stick to it. For the small waist, for the dress, come on!


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