Many mothers feel that it is more difficult to lose weight after childbirth than to ascend to the sky. In fact, it is not difficult to lose weight. As long as the new mother’s three views on postpartum weight loss are correct and the principle of postpartum weight loss is grasped correctly, it is easy to lose weight.

Three views on postpartum weight loss

Maternal weight loss and general female weight loss has obvious difference, mothers must first ensure postpartum recovery first, weight loss second, in the premise of not affecting the physical recovery of weight loss work. Due to the particularity of the postpartum stage, mothers should not choose extreme weight loss methods, such as diet, strenuous exercise, so as not to affect the body recovery and lactation. The key points of postpartum weight loss are as follows:

1. Control calories and fat. Pay attention to the calories of each food and reduce the intake of high calorie foods. Eat less fat in the daily diet, but eat more fish and white meat (chicken).

2. Diet should be light. A light diet is good for women. Eat less salty, with soy sauce food, this kind of food contains a lot of sugar or salt, not only will increase the body fat, for postpartum wound recovery is also unfavorable.

3. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits are not only rich in nutrition, but also help mothers lose weight. Postpartum eating more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in cellulose helps to promote intestinal digestion, catharsis and moisturizing skin.

4. Diet should be regular. It’s better to eat regularly and quantitatively every day. When eating, you should avoid swallowing. You should chew and swallow slowly. Each time you eat, you should keep it for more than 20 minutes.

5. Negative heat balance. The secret of losing weight is that the intake of calories must be less than the consumption of human body.

6. It takes a lot of willpower to lose weight. Willpower directly determines the final result of weight loss, mothers must be firm confidence in weight loss.


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