Summer is coming, and it is a good time for skirt flying and big figure. But summer is not friendly for mothers who are fat after childbirth. Therefore, many mothers have put postpartum weight loss on the agenda, hope to be able to be thin and thin immediately!

New mother Miao Miao is a female doctor of returnees. Recently, she has been very happy, but she has been worried about it. Before pregnancy, she was in a symmetrical shape, now she has a round waist and round face. Her foreign friends suggested that she swim, saying she was very thin, so she went swimming seven days after birth, despite the opposition of her family, and then she swam for more than half an hour at a time, and she was exhausted and panting. But after a month of swimming, thin is thin, but always feel the whole body ache.

After the postpartum swimming lose weight, is it good?

Swimming is a whole body exercise. Compared with land, the same exercise time can consume more energy in water, so swimming is a good way to lose weight.

After childbirth fat, use swimming to lose weight, in theory is OK. But after the baby swims, it is not necessary to swim.

When can I swim?

After a woman has a child, her body needs to recover, such as 6 weeks to 8 weeks or more for the recovery of the uterus. Among them, it takes a month or even longer to eliminate the evil dew.

Mothers who are in labor: mothers who are in labor usually have side cut wounds or tears of different degrees. It also takes about one month to recover after suturing. Swimming in groundwater early can cause infection.

Caesarean mother: similarly, because the healing of the incision takes time, swimming in groundwater early is easy to cause infection.

If mother goes swimming early, because the uterus has not been recovered well, swimming in water can easily cause bacterial infection or chronic pelvic inflammation; besides, after having a child, the skin pores and bone seams of her body are open, and her body is weak, and the resistance is reduced, and it is easy to cool. If the water temperature is too low when swimming, after swimming, it is easy to catch cold and dry the body to keep warm.

Therefore, when to swim depends on the physical condition of the pregnant woman, generally recommended after 4 months. Because at this time, the new mother’s body is also recovering almost, and it is more appropriate to consider swimming and losing weight.

How long is it appropriate to swim?

The body of the pregnant woman is still relatively weak compared with the ordinary people, so do not swim too much, to their own bearing capacity, do not let themselves too tired. Generally speaking, each swimming time is controlled within half an hour.

What should be paid special attention to?

☒ don’t swim if there is inflammation in a new mother, don’t swim to avoid infection and also affect the health of others.

☒ swimming should not be allowed after empty stomach or full stomach: it is better not to swim in water one hour before meals or just eating meals, so as to avoid the influence on their endocrine and internal environment, but affect the secretion of milk.

Don’t sit around in the swimming pool: after all, the swimming pool is a public place, and the sanitation is not so good. If you need to sit by the pool, you can put on your own towel to avoid direct contact with the floor.

   A kind of Choose clean swimming place: the new mother has weak resistance. It is necessary to choose a swimming place with better sanitary conditions, such as five-star hotel swimming pool and professional competition level swimming pool. The swimming pool in these places will be sterilized regularly with ozone and infrared rays, which can effectively remove germs.

   A kind of Control exercise: mothers in lactation should pay special attention to the exercise volume not too much, so as to avoid the reduction of breast milk due to excessive exercise.

   A kind of After swimming, you should clean your body: urinate as soon as possible after swimming, and play a disinfection role. When washing the body, pay attention to cleaning the pubic part and keep it clean. Before feeding, clean the breast to avoid the unclean water in the pool to let the baby suck in.


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