During pregnancy, women finally find a reason to eat more for their children. Breakfast, snacks, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, midnight snack, a few meals a day, not a meal.

Good appetite during pregnancy, which is the guarantee of healthy body and healthy BB. During the period when the child is suckling, the woman comforts herself that only if she eats well can the child be satisfied. But after weaning, this amazing appetite worries women: if you eat it like this, you can eat it every minute into “bucket waist”, “elephant leg” and “Michelin”. Why is appetite still so big after weaning?

1、 Lactation eat more, appetite

Hunger and appetite are two different things

Many people mistakenly believe that hunger is appetite. In fact, they are two different things. One is internal need, the other is external temptation. When there is no food in our stomach to digest, the stomach will send a message by the most direct way – grunting: “eat quickly!” This is called hunger, which is produced by stimulation in the body.

When we see some beautiful food pictures or smell delicious food, we can’t help but salivate and want to eat it immediately. It is the external influence that “seduces” the greedy insects in people’s stomachs through fragrant smell, bright appearance or attractive color, so as to make people have appetite.

As the saying goes, “people are iron, rice is steel”, if the stomach is really hungry, there is only one solution – eat. But if you don’t have enough concentration and are confused by the “appearance” of those delicious dishes, you may overeat. Check yourself against these two criteria. Do you eat because you want to survive, or are you tempted to eat?     
2. I have a big appetite during lactation, which means I want to eat

During the lactation period, some new mothers are always greedy and want to eat crazily, and they always feel like “hungry ghosts”. What they eat in one day is not as high as the hill, but also as high as the mound. Faced with such a crazy self, some new mothers can’t help but doubt themselves: am I a pig? Otherwise, why is it so edible?

In fact, a good appetite during lactation is a normal phenomenon, because only enough food can make a new mother have the strength to cope with everyday life.

If you think about it, a new mother has to take care of her baby every day and be a “fully automatic, natural and pollution-free” bottle. If she doesn’t get enough nutrition, how can she get milk? Where’s the energy? So in this case, the new mother’s food intake is relatively large, but also not picky, what to eat.

During the lactation period, what new mothers eat is to provide nutrition for two people. It’s understandable to eat more. And after giving birth to the baby, the uterus gradually returns to its normal size and position, and will no longer support the stomach. In this way, the stomach can be “stretched” again, and of course the volume will be larger.     


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