If you have a big appetite when you are pregnant, you will be comforted and say, “of course, if you eat two for one, you must eat more.”. But, enter lactation, a lot of mothers still have a big appetite, at this time we will comfort you and say, “you have to produce milk, your appetite is naturally bigger, otherwise how can you have enough milk for your baby to eat.”. But, after weaning you, the appetite also did not change, the weight also did not see to drop, in the end what is going on? Is the stomach “propped up” big? However, if you don’t eat so much, you will feel hungry. What should we do? Don’t worry. I’ll teach you how to control your appetite.

Why is appetite still big after weaning?

After weaning, many new mothers suffer from hormone changes, and their appetite will decline, but some new mothers are not like this and still have a big appetite. Why does this kind of “against the sky” behavior appear? That’s not good news for a new mother struggling with her body fat.

A good appetite is likely to come out of it

It is often said that eating too much will “prop up” the stomach. After weaning, appetite is still so good, is the stomach really “propped up” big?

That’s right. The new mother’s appetite is likely to be sustained. The stomach is originally very elastic, after the food enters the stomach, because the stomach wall has the expansion, the stomach volume will gradually become bigger. When the food is pulled, the wall of the stomach becomes thinner, so the size of the stomach when it is empty is not the same as when it is full of food.

If you eat a lot of things every day, it will make the stomach is often in a state of being “stretched”. During pregnancy and lactation, need more nutrition, many pregnant mothers will eat more than before, over time, the stomach will be “propped up” big.

Abnormal appetite, be careful of some diseases

There’s another possibility – you’re sick. If you have diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other diseases, you will also have increased appetite, not only eat more, but also lose weight. If this happens to the new mother, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time for examination and treatment.

Control your appetite from your daily diet

If you want to control your huge appetite, you can also have some tips on your daily diet

Method 1: drink water before eating

If the stomach is really “propped up” big, then we might as well drink water before eating, let the water occupy part of the stomach space, so that we don’t have to eat too much to fill the stomach!

Method 2: light diet is very important

Heavy food is more pleasant and will make you eat more. Think about it. When you are eating hot and salty pickled fish, do you have to eat more to balance it? You’ll eat more and more. And eat a little light, there is no such stimulation, that can naturally control the amount of food!

Method 3: chew and swallow slowly

If you eat too fast, a large amount of food is crammed into the stomach, and the feeling of fullness from the stomach has not yet reached the brain, you still mistakenly think that you are not full, and continue to put it into your mouth. Can your stomach not be “propped up”? So eat slowly, chew slowly, not only can you taste the food, but also give the brain enough time to detect the condition of the stomach.

Method 4: appetite is too good, eat some sugar

There was an experiment in which a group of people ate a little glucose before a meal. As a result, this group of people ate less than others who didn’t eat glucose. Many people think that sugar is the enemy of appetite control, but they didn’t expect it to be “undercover”. Sugar is a natural appetite resister, because sugar can be absorbed by the blood quickly, making people feel full.

But you have to be careful: you can control your appetite with just a little sugar. Don’t try to eat a chocolate cake to solve the problem.

Method 5: choose right snacks

We can’t kill all the snacks at once. It’s also good to supplement some vitamins and minerals that the body needs. However, to choose some healthy snacks, such as sunflower seeds, walnuts, raisins, fruits and so on, it is better to stay away from those snacks with high salt, high fat and high calorie.

Controlling appetite through acupoint massage

When you have a good appetite, you can also try acupoint massage, control your appetite with acupoint Kung Fu, and learn some moves!

Tip 1: press the inside of the wrist. When you’re full of snacks, quickly press the inside of your wrist with the front of your index and middle fingers, and then slowly press down to the little finger along the bottom of your thumb.

Trick 2: press the index finger on the acupoint. Press the index finger on the human acupoint and press it 30 times in 10 seconds. This will immediately make the stomach no longer feel hungry.

Trick 3: press palms together. If it is because of pressure or emotional tension caused by a large increase in appetite, you can use two palms relative pressure, from the bottom of the index finger to the elbow joint, which helps to eliminate tension.

Trick 4: press the center point between the chest ribs and the navel. Press and hold this part with the fingertips of the index and middle fingers, and do it 30 times in 10 seconds. It will make the stomach feel full.

The stomach that is “propped up” is not one day or two days can “shrink” small, the stomach is “propped up” after a long period of pregnancy and lactation. If you want to be quick, you can’t reach it. If you want to reduce your appetite, you need to give some patience. Through the correct method, your appetite will gradually decrease, so that your weight will slowly drop, and you will recover your slim figure.


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