Five autumn weight loss techniques to quickly lose autumn fat

Weight loss in the crisp autumn weather is a little different from that in the hot summer. How to lose weight in autumn? Master the autumn weight loss skills introduced below, and then cooperate with the health nourishing and dry weight loss porridge. It’s difficult not to be thin! Let’s have a look.

Autumn weight loss skills 1: microwave heating meat

Heating food in a microwave oven can evaporate the fat of meat. When eating meat, it can reduce the absorption of fat by the human body. At the same time, microwave heating food can effectively remove excess oil from meat. At the same time, it can also increase the chewing power of meat and strengthen the exercise of cheeks.

Autumn weight loss tips 2: drink Pu’er tea

Pu’er tea is a kind of tea with obvious weight loss effect. It has a strong effect of eliminating fat and toxin. Forming the habit of drinking Pu’er tea in autumn can help eliminate food and greasiness, and let the excess fat in the body burn quickly in metabolism.

Autumn weight loss skills 3: eight full

Want to lose weight mm remember the principle of diet Oh, eight full is the best diet to lose weight. I don’t recommend over dieting, because only adequate protein from food can contribute to the decomposition of fat. Each meal can not only provide the body with other Yin and Yang, but also maintain normal metabolism and burn fat.

Autumn Weight Loss Tips 4: negative balance of calories every day

The root cause of weight loss is that the heat consumed is far greater than the heat absorbed. In this way, fat can not be stored in the body and will not produce fat. Exercise more every day and keep consuming most of your calories. Autumn weight loss skills must remember to maintain a negative balance of calories every day, so that rapid fat loss in autumn is not a problem.

Autumn weight loss tips 5: quit snacks

Girls like to eat snacks, but in order to ensure the success of weight loss in autumn, it is suggested that girls should be cruel to quit snacks and had better form the habit of not eating snacks. If you can’t quit, you can use all kinds of fruits instead of snacks. The fruit has low fat content and high vitamin content. Therefore, it doesn’t matter to eat more fruit to lose weight and improve your appearance.

Five autumn slimming porridge, let you lose weight

Autumn health and weight loss porridge: yam and medlar porridge

Ingredients: 600g yam, half a cup of rice, appropriate amount of medlar and rock sugar.


1. Wash the rice, soak it half an hour in advance, wash the yam, peel it and cut it into pieces.

2. Put the rice into the pot, add 5 cups of water to boil, cook it into porridge over low heat, add medlar and yam to cook together, and then thicken it.

Autumn health and weight loss porridge: banana, Lily and tremella soup

Ingredients: proper amount of tremella, 1 banana, 1 lily, 10 medlar, 1 rock sugar.


1. Soak the hair with tremella and wash it. Put it in a casserole, bring to a boil over high heat and simmer over low heat for 30 minutes.

2. Add Lily and cook for 5 minutes, then add rock sugar and cook for 10 minutes.

3. Peel the banana and cut it into thick pieces. Wash the medlar and put it into the pot.

4. Add banana slices and boil.

Autumn health and weight loss porridge: chestnut porridge

Materials: appropriate amount of chestnuts, rice and water.


1. Peel off the chestnut shell, wash and soak the rice.

2. Add rice into the pot, boil it over high fire, change to medium fire, open the cover and continue heating.

3. Grind chestnuts into Rong, add them to the pot, cover and cook for 5 minutes.

Autumn health and weight loss porridge: sweet potato porridge

Materials: 40g glutinous rice, 30g rice, 30g millet, 1 sweet potato, 800ml water.


1. Wash the sweet potato, peel it and cut it into small pieces. Wash glutinous rice, rice and millet.

2. Put glutinous rice, rice and millet into the pot, add cold water and sweet potato, and cook them into porridge.

Autumn health and weight loss porridge: Tremella lily lotus seed porridge

Ingredients: appropriate amount of lily, tremella, lotus seeds, glutinous rice and rock sugar.


1. Wash tremella, lily, lotus seed and glutinous rice and put them into the pot. Cook over high heat.

2. Add rock sugar when it is eight mature, and then cook it over a low heat to make porridge.

Autumn is dry and easy to get angry. Therefore, edible materials such as tremella, lotus seeds and Lily can be selected for weight loss porridge in autumn.

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