“Ask for recommendation! What delicious snacks do you have without getting fat?”


“Solve! Is there a way to eat more and move less and lose weight?”

Not multiplied by one hundred.

People are lazy. Even for slimming, everyone wants the easiest way. It’s best to wake up and say: ah, how thin you are. That’s right. Most people can’t sit or stand if they can lie down. Especially new mothers are really weak after childbirth, so they always give themselves a little “consideration” in their heart : I’ve just had a baby. Although it’s important to recover, I still have to take my time, otherwise it’s not good for my health, right?

Indeed, this idea is very correct, but many times, new mothers will selectively forget the matter of slimming down. In fact, there is no shortcut to slimming. It is just to control their mouth and open their legs. Here, let’s discuss the more difficult step: opening their legs.

▎ how to move your legs after childbirth?

Most doctors will suggest that appropriate exercise can be started about 6 weeks postpartum to recover the body, while new mothers who give birth naturally can appropriately increase the amount of exercise about 2 months postpartum. However, in fact, whether new mothers exercise or not, they don’t need to care about the delivery time, but they can start if they recover well.


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