After giving birth to a child, a woman’s ass will be much wider than before. You can’t lift it up without seeing the old jeans. This is because the pelvis is enlarged during childbirth. Moreover, a large amount of fat accumulates in the hips during pregnancy, so the large hips after childbirth is almost a nightmare for all women. What should I do? Don’t worry, I’ve collected a large number of small thin hip sports. As long as you insist, you will find the strong and beautiful hips in the past.

1、 Fast thin hip movement

1. Climb stairs

Climbing stairs is simple and saves money. However, because almost every office building has elevators, we are used to taking elevators. How can we still want to climb stairs! In fact, climbing stairs has many advantages and can burn calories. In addition, if you step two steps at a time when walking stairs, it can drive your thigh and hip muscles and tighten your hips.

2. Push wall

Keep your legs together, put your hands on the wall, straighten your legs, extend your hips outward for 10 seconds, and then close to the wall for 10 seconds. Repeat, which can not only sculpt the hip curve, but also have the effect of closing the abdomen, and the lower abdomen will gradually flatten.

3. Standing squat

It’s best to have elastic rope or rope skipping assistance. If not, you can do it empty handed. First, open your feet the same width as your shoulders, step on the elastic rope, hold the rope with both hands and put it on your shoulders, squat down on your hips, make the thigh and calf about 90 degrees, and stand straight after 8 seconds of static action. As for how many times you should do it, please adjust it according to your personal situation.

4. Forward and backward squat

Elastic rope or rope skipping can also be used. After stepping on the rope, the two feet step forward and backward, and then squat down to make the thighs and lower legs of the front and rear feet 90 degrees.

5. Golden Rooster independence

Find a chair, hold the back of the chair, stand straight with one foot and stretch the other foot backward in the air. After about 2 seconds, put it down. The action can be repeated 10 to 15 times, and then change your feet.


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