Alas, I thought I had dodged A4 waist, but I had an I6 leg out of nowhere. Many new mothers thought that the public would only observe their weight and waist circumference after childbirth, but now the eyes of the public are hot, and the thigh can not escape the eyes of everyone. Many new mothers wonder why their legs get thicker and swollen after having children. Mingming’s prenatal care is very thin. Not to mention in detail, at least not postpartum roughness.

Causes of postpartum thigh formation

Postpartum crude leg skin

In daily life, female friends pay great attention to maintenance, only to have smooth and beautiful skin. But most mothers should find their legs rough and glossy after delivery. In fact, this is because female friends after childbirth, will affect the endocrine system, and then affect the skin.

Postpartum leg edema and coarsening

When pregnant, pregnant women have to eat more high-protein, high-calorie nutritious foods to provide adequate nutrition for their babies. But after the baby was born, there was a problem of thicker legs and edema. Among them, edema mainly occurs in those who have edema constitution, and severe symptoms such as constipation, cold hands and feet.


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