From Monday to Sunday, from breakfast to dinner, from meal a to meal B, are all formulated for the new mother. Even if you have difficulties in choosing, you are not afraid. You can eat whatever you want, because it is all slimming diet. That’s sweet, isn’t it? Don’t boast, you’ll be proud.


Breakfast: meal a: steamed stuffed bun + low-fat yogurt; Meal B: Bacon Sandwich + milk.

Lunch: meal a: dry noodles + gongwan soup; Meal B: egg salad sandwich + low-fat fresh milk.

Dinner: meal a: tea egg (boiled egg) 1 + milk (coffee); Meal B: brown rice flakes (cereal).

Tip: the menu can be combined with either a or B meal. Do not eat within four hours before going to bed. If you can’t find it in the menu, you can find a similar one. In addition to DIY, you can also purchase it directly. If the quantity is not indicated, it is one cup, one bowl or one (select small size). If the drinks are not specified, use low calorie, low fat and sugar free drinks (hot or cold).


Breakfast: meal a: fried dumplings (2 small ones) + soybean milk; Meal B: 2 slices of toast + milk.

Lunch: meal a: Guangdong porridge; Meal B: ham and egg sandwich + fruit juice.

Dinner: meal a: vegetable and radish soup; Meal B: brown rice flakes (cereal).

Tip: Guangdong porridge is a famous Han flavor food in Guangdong. Method: slice the pig liver and scald the blood with hot water for standby. Put white rice and hot boiled water in a vessel, cover with high heat for 8 minutes, take it out, and then add pig liver, raw pork shreds, shrimp and refined salt, and half a spoonful of white pepper. Cover with high heat for 3 minutes, remove and sprinkle with scallion and fried dough sticks.


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