Postpartum mothers are anxious to lose weight after childbirth, and many beauty-loving mothers begin to diet and lose weight. Dieting can reduce calorie intake, affect the secretion of more milk, and have adverse effects on maternal and infant health. This can give lovely new mothers a hard time, both want to have enough milk, but do not want to grow to their own flesh, postpartum weight loss, breast feeding, can not take into account? Not necessarily! Today, I will introduce you a few excellent dietary materials to lose weight, breast-feeding, quickly tighten up!

1. Luffa flesh: Luffa flesh and seeds are removed after ripening, yellowing and withering, and then washed and dried. This is Luffa flesh. If there are lumps in the milk and the milk secretion is not smooth, Luffa collateral can be used for treatment.

2. Zizania latifolia: Zizania latifolia tastes delicious, fresh and refreshing, and contains a variety of nutrients. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Zizania latifolia has the effect of lactation. It cooks with pigs’feet and herbs to help lactation.

3. Broccoli: Broccoli is also called yellow cauliflower. It is the flower bud part of Hemerocallis fulva. It has high nutritional value. Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of hemostasis and milking. If postpartum milk is not enough, lean pork stewed with golden needle vegetable can be used for food, and the effect is better.

4. Peas: Peas are sweet and smooth in nature and rich in phosphorus, which can help to milk. Eating peas lightly after boiling or using pea seedlings to mash and squeeze juice can help lactation.

5. Black sesame: Black sesame contains a variety of essential amino acids for the human body. With the participation of vitamin E and vitamin B1, it can accelerate the metabolic function of the human body. It is helpful to eat black sesame frequently for liver and kidney deficiency, dizziness due to deficiency of wind, tinnitus, headache, constipation, weakness after illness, early whitening, wind paralysis due to blood deficiency, and women’s milk deficiency.

6. Peanut: Peanut can be used for spleen deficiency, nausea, edema, women’s leucorrhea, anemia and various hemorrhagic diseases, pulmonary dry cough, dry cough, prolonged cough, postpartum lactation and other diseases.

7. Lettuce: Lettuce for leaf and stem. Lettuce for leaf and lettuce for stem are rich in nutrients. According to the analysis, except for iron, all other nutrients are higher in leaves than in stems. Therefore, when eating lettuce, it is better not to abandon leaves without eating them.

Recommendation of the most effective diet for weight loss and lactation

>> Wolfberry Black Sesame Oat Paste

Material: Black sesame 25g, rice in moderation.


Twist black sesame, wash rice and boil porridge with water.

>> Fresh shrimp and towel gourd soup

Ingredients: 100g fresh shrimp, 6G green peel, 200g luffa, vegetable oil, cooking wine, ginger, onion, monosodium glutamate and salt.


1. The green skin is ground into powder; the loofah is peeled off, washed, and cut into oblique slices. The scallions are cut into onions, and the ginger is shredded.

2. Fresh shrimp should be removed and washed. Add cooking wine, green peel powder and a little salt and mix well. Marinate for 10 minutes.

3. Heat the pot with vegetable oil, stir-fry ginger shreds and scallions, stir-fry fresh shrimps, add appropriate amount of water to boil soup, then boil into Luffa slices, cook until shrimps and melons are ripe, season with monosodium glutamate and refined salt.

>> Golden needle stew

Ingredients: 310 grams of broccoli and 60 grams of lean pork.


1. Wash the broccoli, slice the lean pork and pour it into the pot.

2. Stew lean pork in hot water until it is thoroughly cooked. Eat broccoli, lean pork and soup. Generally 5-7 times are effective.

>> Pig Foot Yinbai Decoction

Ingredients: 250 grams of pig hooves, 100 grams of white stubble (slices), 2 slices of ginger, appropriate amounts of wine, scallion and salt.


1. Scrape the floating skin of the pig’s hoof after boiling water scalding, pull out the hair, wash it, put it into the pot, add water, cooking wine, ginger slices and scallions, and boil it over a high heat.

2. Skip the foam, stew the pig’s feet in a small fire until they are crisp and rotten. Finally, put in the bamboo slices, cook for 5 minutes, then add salt.

>> Fresh lettuce

Ingredients: 250 g fresh lettuce, salt, monosodium glutamate and rice wine.


1. Wash fresh lettuce, peel and shred.

2. Mix with salt, rice wine and monosodium glutamate and serve with meals. One dose a day.

>> Fried peas with fresh mushrooms

Ingredients: 100g fresh mushroom, 200g fresh and tender pea corns, 15g vegetable oil, 15g soy sauce and 3G salt.


1. Peel peas and wash and dice fresh mushrooms.

2. Heat the frying pan, add vegetable oil, stir-fry fresh mushrooms and peas, add soy sauce and salt, stir-fry quickly in a high heat, and cook immediately.


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