When the postpartum encounter constipation, the small belly of the meat has become more and more swollen, heartbreaking. And constipation symptoms can not be alleviated, not only can lead to body fat, but also can cause poor complexion and other health problems. Here, I’d like to share a few dishes for new mothers who are suffering from constipation to solve the problem of constipation.


Honey has the effect of moistening the intestines. Drinking some honey water in the morning can make the intestines and stomach smooth from the early morning and help you defecate in the morning.


Ingredients: honey, 500 g purple cabbage

1. Choose vegetables that are safe, then open the leaves, add a small spoon of salt in water, soak for 10 minutes, or soak in rice washing water and tear purple cabbage into pieces.

2. Put the shredded purple cabbage into a blender, add 1:1 cold water (or ice water) and beat it into purple cabbage juice.

3. Filter out the purple cabbage leaves.

4. Add another teaspoon of honey to see how much you like to quantify.

Lunch catharsis: pumpkin and golden rice

Do you always feel bloated after lunch? Lunch also need to change the taste, do not always eat and drink, occasionally call pumpkin, millet and other coarse grain into the meal, can help you defecate unobstructed.


Ingredients: 2 pumpkin, 1 sausage, 50g onion, 70g millet, 70g rice, 2G salt, 30g seafood juice

1. Millet. Soak rice with proper amount of warm water for about half an hour. Pour out the water and set aside millet and rice.

2. Wash the pumpkin and divide it into two parts, dig out the seeds and flesh, wash the onion and dice the sausage.

3. Heat oil in the pan until 80% hot. Add onion and sausage to saute.

4. Stew millet and rice.

5. Put millet and rice into the pot, add salt and seafood juice.


If mothers have constipation, then dinner must not be too much too greasy, so as not to have enough time for digestion. And remember to eat more cellulose rich vegetables at dinner to help promote digestion. For example, the plant fiber in white radish can promote the peristalsis of intestines and stomach, eliminate constipation, play the role of detoxification, so as to improve the rough skin, acne and other conditions.


Ingredients: 3 tomatoes, half root of white radish, 5 dried mushrooms, 1 tsp salt (5g), 1 / 2tsp white pepper (3G), 1 / 4tsp sesame oil (1ml).

1. Peel and wash the radish and cut it into 3 cm size hob blocks. Dry Lentinus edodes are washed away with water and do not need to be soaked. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into pieces the size of the radish.

2. Heat the soup pot with high heat, pour in the oil, when the oil is 70%, stir fry 2 / 3 of tomato, stir fry the soup, pour in boiling water and boil.

3. Add dried mushrooms and white radish, change to medium heat, cover the pot cover and cook for 20 minutes.

4. Open the lid and put in the remaining 1 / 3 tomato pieces.

5. Change to high heat and cook for 5 minutes. Add salt, white pepper and sesame oil and mix well.

Wonderful recommendation: enjoy snacks and don’t get fat; new mothers choose the right meat eating posture for new mothers who pay attention to the appearance of the new mothers after childbirth


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