Postpartum obesity is a heavy blow to women who love beauty. Although the weight gain during pregnancy is a lot, the face is round, but also can comfort themselves, after birth will be thin, after birth can be restored to shape. But after birth, the stomach became a little smaller, but left behind a large “swimming circle”, and the hands and feet were also a circle larger than before, how can this be done? In order to lose weight after childbirth, my mother is racking her brains.

_Postpartum weight loss, three major misunderstandings do not trample!

In the matter of weight loss, many mothers are eager to achieve, accidentally stepped on the misunderstanding of weight loss, which not only can not effectively lose weight, but also may cause damage to the body.

Myth 1: Early use of restraints

As soon as the cargo was unloaded, some new mothers could not wait to lose weight. Because I heard that abdominal bandage can thin the stomach, but also sitting on the moon, I can’t wait to add “abdominal bandage” to the abdomen. Every day he wrapped the tie tightly, and Ledert felt uncomfortable. It is unknown that the early use of restraint will affect the blood circulation in the body, not conducive to the discharge of lochia, and not conducive to the recovery of the body.

Myth 2: Over-dieting to lose weight

Eventually the moon came out, the body was almost mended, the spirit was good, the new mother thought she could let go of her hands and feet to lose weight, so she began to go on a diet. Excessive diet, dizziness due to hunger every day, affects the production of breast milk, at the same time, affects the recovery of the body.

Myth 3: Take diet pills

Exercise is too hard to resist the temptation of delicious food, and some new mothers choose to take diet pills to lose weight. It’s three poisonous drugs. If you take too many weight-loss drugs, it may cause adverse effects on your body. If you still need to breast-feed your baby, it is not advisable to take diet pills, because some ingredients in diet pills may be passed to the baby through milk.

_Postpartum weight loss, to use the right method!

In fact, postpartum weight loss is not so difficult, but in order to lose weight successfully, we must use the right method, otherwise it may backfire.

1. Adhere to breastfeeding

Maybe you’ve heard that breast-feeding tends to be thin, but you’ve also seen some mothers who become obese faster while breastfeeding their babies. From the experience shared by some mothers, if you can control the intake of nutrition during breastfeeding, do not eat and drink freely, do not eat and lazy, or it is easier to thin, after all, the baby is absorbing your nutrition every day, and it is difficult to toss you around day and night, think not thin.

2. Proper exercise

Mothers feel busy every day after having babies, which also provides a good excuse for not having time to exercise. And I want to say, if you want to be healthy and thin, proper exercise is indispensable. Walking, running and yoga every day after delivery can not only help you lose weight, but also make your body healthier. Remember, exercise must be persistent in order to be effective!

3. Diet control

Mother raised the banner of losing weight while eating uncontrollably. To be thin, I’m afraid it’s harder than climbing the sky. In order to provide adequate nutrition for the baby during pregnancy, during puerperium in order to repair the body, for a long time, the mother’s stomach capacity has been stretched. If you want to lose weight after childbirth, you must control your diet. You can’t continue to eat and intake during pregnancy and moonlight. You should match your diet reasonably, control your nutrient intake and eat less greasy food.

Finally, I would like to remind all new mothers that there is nothing wrong with losing weight. After all, even before pregnancy, you may shout to lose weight every day. But the method of losing weight should not be misused. Only by adopting the correct method of losing weight, not eager to achieve success and perseverance, can we lose weight successfully.


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