Many mothers begin a long way to lose weight soon after their babies are born. They want to quickly recover to their pre-pregnancy stature in a short time. But we have to remind that postpartum weight loss is urgent, not blindly, can not use radical ways, such as diet, medication, this unhealthy means is even worse, because postpartum mothers not only take the responsibility of breastfeeding baby, but also need to supplement their nutrition and recovery.

1. Why is it urgent to lose weight?

Many mothers think that the sooner you lose weight, the more effective your body will be. So shortly after the birth of the baby, the body has not recovered, began a high-intensity fat-reducing exercise, which is actually harmful to the body!

Many mothers also believe that diet can see the effect in the short term, but it is also a way to damage the body. Especially for breast-feeding mothers, diet and weight loss will affect the nutrition of milk, and also change their physical fitness. As you get older, your body metabolizes more and more slowly. It’s useless to just go on a diet, but it hurts your stomach.

If you want to restore your body successfully, the first thing is not to lose weight, but to do a good job of planning the time and method, and formulate a reasonable weight loss plan.

Walk slowly 2-3 days after delivery. One week after delivery, two weeks after cesarean section (wound recovery is good), you can do simple exercises, such as jogging, simple yoga. In addition, postpartum calories must be guaranteed to be proportional to the calories consumed in order to lose weight.

2. Losing weight is not equal to losing weight

Losing weight is not about turning it into a paper person or doing intensive training every day. Weight loss is the process of restoring the pre-pregnancy state. Taking exercise step by step every day is not only easier to adhere to, but also can gradually adapt to the body without discomfort!

Mothers can exercise with their babies and play with them, holding their arms under their arms, slowly lifting them up, and then slowly approaching their chest. It’s cool. It’s also a good sport to take a stroll with a baby carriage in your spare time.

3. Pay attention to dietary regulation

Novice mothers should also pay special attention to their diet. They should not go on a diet or blindly supplement nutrition with high sugar and fat. Eating too much food, while satisfying daily breastfeeding, can also lead to excessive fat accumulation. But the mother’s diet during the month is inevitably greasy, we should pay attention to balanced diet, meat and vegetable, eat more fruits and vegetables.

4. Adhere to breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the best way to lose weight after childbirth. It can also consume calories without exercise. Breast milk is good not only for babies, but also for the recovery of postpartum mothers.

Oxytocin secretes during lactation, which promotes uterine contraction and reduces the rate of postpartum hemorrhage. That is to say, the uterus stretched during pregnancy can be restored in a shorter period of time. Moreover, breastfeeding consumes 300 to 500 calories a day.

Postpartum exercise mothers should also choose appropriate sports underwear, which can not only protect breast shape, but also exercise easily. Don’t neglect breast care in order to lose weight.

Postpartum mothers should not only adhere to weight loss, but also pay attention to methods, not to diet or strenuous exercise, all ways of weight loss should be slowly, so that the body has time to adapt. Even if you can’t lose weight for a while, don’t worry too much. Exercise can strengthen your body, which is also a good harvest.


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