Soybean milk is a daily drink favored by women. Its rich nutrients can supplement women’s daily nutritional needs. But many new mothers who want to lose weight after childbirth worry that drinking soy milk will get fatter and fatter. In fact, if you drink soy milk right, it can not only supplement the nutrition your body needs, but also won’t be fat. New mothers, learn it quickly!

New mom, it seems that soy milk won’t be fat

Soybean milk powder is the common product of soybean and milk dissolved into solid. Generally, drinking soybean milk powder doesn’t have to worry about getting fat, but if you drink a lot of soybean milk powder, you will still get fat.

Although soybean milk powder does not contain saturated fatty acids, it is not easy to get fat. However, because the soybean protein content in soybean milk powder is as high as 40%, it is a high-quality protein and contains essential amino acids for human body. The content of lysine is higher than that of grain, but the energy is high. Especially during weight loss, you can’t drink a lot, otherwise you will get fat.

In addition, the heat of soybean milk powder is 423 kcal / 100g, which is not low. The nutrients are 68.70g carbohydrate, 8.00g fat and 19.00g protein.

  1. Drink no more than 200 ml of soybean milk every day

Soybean milk powder has high calories. If the drinking amount is not controlled, the total calories of food taken will exceed the standard. It is generally recommended to drink no more than 200 ml of soybean milk powder every day.

A cup of 200 ml soy milk needs to put about 30 grams of soy milk powder, that is, a cup of soy milk has about 127 calories, equivalent to a small bowl of white rice.

  2. It’s best to drink soy milk in the morning

The digestive system is most active in the morning, and the intestines and stomach have a whole day to digest food. At this time, even if you eat high calorie food, you don’t have to worry about getting fat. Therefore, weight loss experts generally suggest that it is better to make soybean milk powder with rich nutrition and high calories for breakfast.

  3. Don’t drink soy milk on an empty stomach

Soybean milk powder contains a lot of protein. Although fasting drinking is harmless to the body, it is wasteful and can not play its due nutritional role. If you drink Soybean Milk on an empty stomach, most of the protein in soybean milk will be converted into heat and consumed in the human body, and the nutrition will be greatly reduced. Therefore, when drinking soybean milk, you’d better eat some starch foods such as bread and steamed bread, or drink it two hours after meal, or before going to bed. In addition, after drinking soybean milk, you should also eat some fruit, because soybean milk contains high iron content, and fruit can promote the absorption of iron by the human body.


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