When it comes to new mothers’ weight loss, I believe many new mothers have carefully prepared various weight loss plans, such as daily exercise, diet control, weight loss exercises, etc. But can this really go smoothly according to the weight loss plan? Facts have proved that it is easy to divert your attention on weight loss – as long as your mobile phone rings: updates to your circle of friends, explosive news, gossip from friends and other latest situations instantly divert your attention and disrupt your will.

‘s fault

Mobile phone hinders your weight loss plan? Perhaps you haven’t noticed that mobile phones can divert your attention so easily. In fact, are you familiar with the following scenes?

Scenario 1:

After a busy day, it was not easy to feed the baby. After he fell asleep, he was handed over to his mother-in-law to take care of him. Finally, you can continue your weight-loss plan and go downstairs for a run. However, at this time, the WeChat prompt sounded, and it was the explosive news from my best friend: XXX and XXX divorced! How can this be possible? The other day I met them in the street. It’s true, it’s true. Who did you say was cheating? I guess it must be a man. Now men are new and tired of old things, and have nothing good… An hour has passed, and the baby cries in the room, so he put down his mobile phone to see the baby—— That’s it. That’s it. Didn’t you agree to go running? Did you go?

Scenario 2:

I was just starting to do aerobics when my mobile phone rang. It was a classmate who had called for many years: it was time to tell you a good news that she had been upgraded to a new mother. So you talked about the weight and appearance of your child and the recent situation of your old classmates. You didn’t play until your child’s crying sounded, and the weight loss time was over.

There are a lot of such situations. Because of indulging in various screen swiping of mobile phones, the weight loss plan has been delayed. It has not succeeded in weight loss, but has gained weight.


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