The truly effective way to lose weight is not to have to exercise hungry, but to learn to eat a healthy diet, eat well, and exercise vigorously while shedding meat. To achieve better weight loss and faster speed, one must learn to have enough food to have the strength to lose weight.

The first move to eat:

Suggest adding foods containing wheat germ to your diet, such as milk from wheat germ or rice from wheat germ.

Because wheat germ contains abundant vitamins and low fat content, it will not accumulate excess fat for the body. Moreover, rich vitamins also have antioxidant, anti-aging, and immune enhancing effects. Whether it’s a weight loss meal or a regular snack, new mothers can choose it.

And when it comes to mobility, you can choose some flexibility training, such as high leg lift exercises. If the new mother can accept high-intensity exercise, it can also be done after jogging for 20-30 minutes before doing high-altitude leg exercises.

The second move of active eating:

You can usually add more cucumbers to your vegetables. The propanedioic acid contained in cucumbers can inhibit the conversion of sugar into fat in the body. In addition, the cellulose in cucumbers can promote intestinal peristalsis, aid digestion, and facilitate the excretion of feces in the body.

In addition to the exercise mentioned above, new mothers can choose to do weight loss exercises, usually for about 30 minutes. The reason why weight loss exercises are suitable for weight loss is not only because they are good aerobic exercise, but also because they are a whole body exercise that does not increase the local burden on the body, leading to negative effects such as thick legs or enlarged buttocks. They can also increase joint mobility and strengthen the flexibility of the body. Long term persistence can not only have a weight loss effect, but also regulate muscles, make curves more beautiful, and improve mental state.

The third move of active eating:

An apple a day keeps obesity away from me

Apples contain a large amount of dietary fiber and pectin, which can improve intestinal health, promote bowel movements, and! Yes! Eliminate swelling in the legs to prevent the formation of elephant legs. Moreover, apples contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals, which can enhance beauty.

Here, give the new mothers the ultimate sports trick. If you are a new mom who can withstand high-intensity training, such as jogging, it is recommended that you increase your running speed appropriately; If it is a soothing type of aerobic exercise, it is recommended to extend the exercise time to about 60 minutes.


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