Losing weight is estimated to be one of the most important concerns of every mother who has given birth to a child. Some mothers sigh: liberated, finally do not need to breast-feed, no longer need chicken soup and fish soup to drink energetically. Starting from now on, you must lose weight. But Mommies have noticed that eating less is not necessarily thin.

Why aren’t you thin when you eat less?

Dieting is undoubtedly the most popular way to lose weight. I heard that many stars also get slim by dieting. But not everyone laughs to the last laugh on the road to diet and weight loss.

Lost trick 1: Three meals change two or three meals change one.

Do you really lose weight by skipping breakfast, or having breakfast, lunch and one meal, or just having lunch? In fact, this is very undesirable.

The old saying goes well: A year’s plan lies in spring, and a day’s plan lies in the morning. Breakfast is a very important meal. Not eating breakfast is very harmful. Our stomach has been empty for a long time from morning till morning. If we do not eat breakfast, our body will recover slowly, resulting in mental inactivity and low efficiency.

Lunch is a must. If you don’t eat lunch, before dinner time, some people will not be able to carry hunger, eat some high-calorie snacks, such as biscuits, potato chips, etc. Others will open their stomach at night to “eat and drink” so that it is easier to gain weight.

Dinner is best eaten sparingly, about 80% full, but you can’t stop eating. If you don’t eat dinner, the fasting time will be too long, which will lead to excessive acid secretion, damage the gastric mucosa, and increase the risk of gastritis, gastric ulcer and even gastric cancer.


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