Many women who are pregnant or are about to get pregnant naively think that “as long as they survive the pregnancy in October, they can eat whatever they want, play wherever they want, and sleep whenever they want.” in fact, the dream is very beautiful, and now it is very cruel. The new mother who really gave birth to a baby will know that these previous fantasies are far away from her life. Let’s take a look at “those cruel truths we didn’t know until we had children.”

Lose weight after unloading?

– you have to continue to eat for your children

Originally thought that after unloading, you can immediately recover your body, but the reality is: after giving birth to a child, your stomach is still like 4 or 5 months pregnant. What’s more cruel is: in order to adhere to breastfeeding, you can’t lose weight!! Even if you can’t look directly at the “bucket waist”, in order to have enough milk, you still need to constantly supplement nutrition.

Let go of your appetite and have a big meal

— there are still various dietary taboos during lactation

When you are pregnant, because your baby is in the stomach, you should first consider the impact on your baby. You can’t eat your favorite food at all. It’s not easy to unload. The little guy is not in his body and finally regains his freedom. He should always eat some coveted food to reward himself: These are also extravagant expectations for breastfeeding mothers.

Many foods eaten by breastfeeding mothers will be transmitted to the newborn baby through milk. Therefore, there are still many taboos on the mother’s diet during breastfeeding. What’s hot and sour, seafood, barbecue… You can’t eat your favorite heavy taste things! For the sake of children’s health, you can only be light, light and light again! The truth is always so cruel.


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