Previous perfect body shape has been changing from pregnancy to puerperium, and has gained a whole circle of fat! No way, it is the side effect of supplement, and finally build a pear-shaped body! It’s really worrying! ___________.

How to improve postpartum obesity? Reading the 10 Secrets of this article will help you defeat postpartum obesity in the lower half of the body!

Reasons for obesity in the lower half of the body

During the process of gestation, with the continuous growth of the fetus, the body of expectant mothers will naturally change, such as the disappearance of waist curve, the enlargement of chest, the widening of buttocks and so on. Fetal growth compression during pregnancy is prone to pelvic and lower extremity edema due to the compression of inferior vena cava of pregnant women by fetal growth. If you don’t have good weight control at the same time and overeat and drink every day, then the body deformation will become more and more obvious.

High postpartum food intake and less exercise

During the puerperium, the puerpera lies in bed almost all day, and consumes more high-calorie food every day. If the problem of body edema is not solved in time, then the lower body obesity will soon appear. In addition, all kinds of postpartum exercise are also very critical, because the amount of exercise during menstruation is very small, after the month to work, if you sit in the office all day without exercise, then the lower body metabolism is worse, the body shape is more difficult to restore.

TIPS: A Simple Definition of Postpartum Obesity

Six weeks after delivery: body weight increased by more than 20% compared with prenatal period

Six months or one year after delivery: weight gain of 10% or more than 4.5 kg


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