Bad habit 1: don’t stand for a long time

Don’t think it’s only sitting too long that makes your hips bad. It’s OK to stand. Standing for too long, the blood is not easy to flow back from a long distance, which will cause insufficient oxygen supply to the buttocks, poor metabolism, and at the same time, it will cause your legs to suffer from varicosity. It’s a good standing posture to lift the legs with a straight back and a compressed stomach. At this time, feel the action of anal contraction and secretly do the contractible buttocks. The beauty who needs to stand for a long time, please do it from time to time, do the action of leg lifting, and steal a free time for at least five minutes in an hour!

Bad habit 2: the soft bone of sitting upright and reclining

Sit, but a university asked. If you don’t sit well, not only your back shape will be affected, but your hips will also deform with time. Reclining in a chair like a soft bone will concentrate the pressure on the end of the spine, causing poor blood circulation and insufficient oxygen supply. Only sitting in the front third of the chair will cause the body weight to focus on the hip, a small square, and the hip will be tired and deformed after a long time. Only 2 / 3 of the seats are good sitting posture, with straight back, 2 / 3 of the seats are full, and the strength is shared in the hips and thighs. Tired, want to back, please choose to fully support the back strength of the chair. When sitting, try to combine the legs as much as possible, don’t let the leg posture down for a long time to affect the shape of pelvis; when sitting, stand on tiptoe, which really helps the hip line. Try not to sit cross legged for a long time, otherwise the blood circulation is not good, and the crisis will surface.

Bad habit 3: eliminate the bad habit of smoking, drinking and not sleeping

If you think that smoking, drinking, staying up late and pressure are too big, and you don’t need to have a horse on your hip, which has nothing to do with your hip shape, you can be wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Bad living habits have absolutely something to do with your hip shape, such as poor blood circulation, poor metabolism and muscle relaxation. If you want to have a full and round hip, dream!

Bad habit 4: don’t eat heavy food

High calorie, high sweetness and heavy taste are the main causes of obesity. If you don’t like to move, it’s natural for fat to accumulate.


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