Never underestimate a woman’s love of beauty. In order to get back in shape, Amy’s mother will be cruel to herself. Diet hard, exercise hard, in a word, as long as you can lose weight, do everything hard. However, if you want to lose weight quickly, you can’t achieve it. The new mommy is eager to lose weight, and it’s easy to fall into the wrong area, which one will lead to the failure of losing weight. Let’s see which one you step on?

▍ four mistakes in postpartum weight loss

Myth 1: diet immediately after giving birth

When pregnant, for the sake of the baby’s nutrition and health, many mothers can’t take care of their body shape, and the supplements the elders ask to eat are also not left behind. After giving birth to the baby, the new mommy immediately switched to the diet mode, trying to make herself thin and restore the sexy figure through the diet.

Over dieting may make you lose weight for a while, but when you get back to your diet, it’s easy to rebound and may cause damage to your body, which is not reliable at all.

Myth 2: exercise immediately after childbirth

Since it’s not advisable to go on a diet to lose weight, the new mommy thinks of sports to lose weight. Exercise can really lose weight, but it can’t be too anxious. If the body hasn’t recovered after childbirth, you can’t do exercise reluctantly, or it may lead to wound dehiscence, uterine prolapse, bleeding, etc., which will take longer to recover after childbirth, or even cause irreparable damage.

Mistake 3: taking weight-loss products after childbirth

There are many kinds of weight-loss products, and advertisements of weight-loss drugs and tea are flying all over the world. The new mommy who is eager to lose weight is easily confused by advertisements. And weight loss products are mostly through reducing the body’s absorption of nutrients, increasing the amount of excretion, in order to achieve the purpose of weight loss, but also often disrupt the normal metabolism of the human body.

If the new mommy is still in lactation, the ingredients of weight-loss products will enter the baby’s body through milk, which will affect the baby. Therefore, it is not recommended that new moms take weight-loss products during breastfeeding.

Myth 4: eating junk food to control calories

Some people control their daily intake of food within 1500 calories, but they eat junk food, such as fast food, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, etc. Although 100 calories of broccoli and 100 calories of coke are the same, their nutritional value is totally different, so we should eat the right food to reduce weight instead of paying too much attention to calories.

▍ fast weight loss after childbirth, I have a move!

1. Insist on breastfeeding

You know what? Breastfeeding is good for recovery after childbirth. Because feeding the baby can promote the contraction of the uterus and help the recovery of the abdomen; in addition, it can also supplement a large amount of nutrition and fat into the body, and help the recovery of the body shape after childbirth.

2. Take baby with you and lose weight quickly

It’s hard to lose weight if you’re only responsible for breastfeeding and leave the baby taking task to your family every day. In order to produce enough milk every day, the new mommy will eat better or more, and if the exercise does not keep up with the rhythm, how can she be thin? And take your own baby, you know, you can’t even sleep safely, how can you not be thin with such tiredness? Of course, for people who are overworked and fat, it doesn’t work.

3. Light diet helps to lose weight

Postpartum tonic is not a year and a half of non-stop tonic, if so, then only fat fat! Postpartum tonic is mainly during the month, but it is not a daily tonic. It is important to have a balanced diet and not only eat meat but also vegetarians. And after a month, the diet can be adjusted slowly. Light diet can help you lose weight. And the light here doesn’t mean that you only eat vegetables, fruits, or fish and meat, but you can make it lighter.

4. Moderate exercise

Postpartum want to lose weight quickly, exercise can not be less. Every day I stay at home and lie in bed. It’s not strange if I’m not fat. During the month, if the body recovers well, you can do simple and gentle exercise at home. After a month, you can go outdoors more, go out for air permeability, sun exposure and exercise. Not only can your body recover quickly, but also can make your life fuller and your mood happier!


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