Fortunately, Yuncao recommends several groups of postpartum exercise for postpartum lean abdomen for new mothers. As long as the following actions are done in sequence, it can effectively exercise abdominal muscles, reduce excess fat, while having a flat abdomen, it can also make the body more coordinated and lightweight.

Practice equipment preparation:

You need to prepare a stronger chair or sofa or a fitness blanket.

Preparatory activities:

Before doing exercises, simple aerobic exercises, such as in-situ walking and jogging, need 7-10 minutes.

Exercise site: abdomen

Practice steps:

1. Stand upright with your feet apart and your right leg in front of your left leg.

2. Bend your elbow and raise your arm at shoulder height.

3. Raise the left leg to the front of the left and bend the knee until the thigh is parallel to the ground, and lower the left shoulder so that the elbow is close to the left knee.

4. Take back the arms and thighs, return to the starting position, change the right leg and the right arm 5, repeat the above actions 25 times.

Exercise site: abdomen and spine

Practice steps:

1. Upper body erect, legs apart;

2. Lift your arms parallel to your chest, bend your elbows and palms down.

3. Move 2/3 of the center of gravity of the body to the right leg, take the right leg as the axis, stretch the left leg, turn the upper body to the right.

4. Attention should be paid to the landing of the tips of the left foot and the right foot. At the same time, the arm should remain in a bending position and be placed in front of the chest.

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Page 1: One of the actions: “Tornado”

Page 2: Action 2: Turn around

Page 3: Action 3: sit-ups

Page 4: Action 4: Side body


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