Postpartum mothers do everything they can to lose weight. In fact, as long as they use some tricks in bathing, they can lose weight as well.

Sprinkler shower to lose weight

Rinse and massage every part of the body, especially where there is fat, with strong water from the nozzle. It should be noted that the rinse and massage should begin at a distance from the heart.

Abdomen, in the abdomen clockwise for long-distance and close-range alternate irrigation, if you can maintain the strength of the water flow is the best.

In legs, bend down and flush the sprinkler head down to the calf; wash and massage the legs alternately several times.

Rubbing to lose weight

Rubbing can relax muscles and promote blood circulation, and eliminate excess fat. First soak, then rub the sponge with rich foam. Don’t exert too much to avoid damaging the skin.

Abdomen, rub the abdomen from bottom to top with bath cotton, the more times, the more effective.

The buttocks, in an upright position, rub 5 or 6 times from the legs up through the buttocks to the waist.

Legs, legs open, upper body forward bending, from toes through ankles, calves, thighs up wipe. Rub it twice or three times.


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