What is the effect of many weight-loss methods? How do you choose to lose weight when you’re a mommy? In fact, there are so many methods and schemes to lose weight, which come down to only a few simple principles. Let’s look at the secrets separately.——

Weight Loss Secret 1: Dehydration

The general way to judge obesity is to weigh, and a large part of the figures shown on the scale are actually water in the body, accounting for nearly 70%. Normally, this part of the body weight can fluctuate between 1 and 3 kilograms in a day, so people who are eager for quick success and instant benefit use it to “lose weight quickly”.

One of the dehydration methods: sweating

Representatives include aromatic SPA, foot bath, spa therapy, chili pepper therapy, wax therapy, bandage therapy, space capsule, etc., as well as some sports that claim quick results. These methods can really reduce weight quickly, but the reason behind “quick results” is actually sweating. People usually lack estimates of how much sweat they sweat, so they are surprised by the short-term changes in body weight and, of course, are overwhelmed by the magic of the method.

Dehydration II: defecation

Large amounts of water can be excreted from urine and urine, so promoting defecation can significantly reduce body weight. The function of many oral weight loss products is to make people defecate more than normal.

Water Removal Method III: Controlling Drinking Water

Some methods sound like a good idea, but they end up controlling drinking water. Some of them were effective at that time. When they got home and drank water, they bounced back. Others simply relied on controlling the daily amount of water they drank to achieve the goal of losing weight.

Love Tips:

Ensuring adequate drinking water can maintain normal metabolism, and reducing drinking water is undoubtedly unhealthy. New mothers need extra water to secrete milk during lactation. Lack of drinking water can lead to thick milk, poor discharge and acute mastitis.

Promoting sweating and defecation to achieve weight loss is inherently unscientific, especially for newborn mothers.

Secret 2: Reducing Absorption

If deprivation of pleasure from eating is somewhat inhumane, then another way to lose weight is to “eat as you want”, and then let you “eat as you want” – eat to reduce your absorption. There are quite a number of weight loss tea, granules and other products have cathartic effect, they make food can not calmly walk the entire gastrointestinal tract, digestion and absorption before it is time to be driven out of the body in advance.

Love Tips:

For a long period of time after delivery, the new mother’s body has not recovered to the pre-pregnancy level, so the nutritional supply should be guaranteed. In principle, diet should not be controlled within 6 weeks (42 days). Most new mothers also need to breast-feed their babies, and they need adequate nutrition. Some new mothers have a good appetite for breast-feeding, so they are afraid to gain weight. In fact, this concern is superfluous, because the intake of nutrients will be converted into milk and maintain a relative balance, some new mothers because of breast-feeding will consume the original adipose tissue.


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