During the puerperium, all mummies will always consider their own nutritional supplies and the support of their babies, and inadvertently absorb too much nutrition. And after the month of birth, mummies will pay more attention to feeding and taking care of their babies, and have no time to implement the weight-loss plan. It’s still a hot summer day. Sexy bikinis, fashionable clothes and active parties are everywhere. Is the new mommy ready to move? But touching the waist is no longer the charming little waist; Look at your face, it’s no longer a sharp chin, and the previous figure has long disappeared, which really makes mothers a little secretly sad.

Seeing that the Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming, it is still difficult to recover the original slim figure in a short time. never mind! If you miss the Chinese Valentine’s day, don’t miss the Mid Autumn Festival again. Now let me give you an effective weight loss plan. The plan provided here is only for reference. In terms of diet, it can be replaced by equal calories, and it is mainly sports, with necessary nutritional food. It is worth noting that soup is indispensable in diet. When mummies drink soup, they’d better skim off the oil, so as to achieve better weight-loss effect.

First week

I suggest: the primary purpose is to drain away the excess water and accumulated waste in the body and improve the body’s responsiveness and agility. Only a small amount of exercise is needed this week to wake up the activity of cells and lay the foundation for the next slimming plan.

Diet plan

Breakfast: 120 grams of shrimp and laver wonton soup, 80 grams of tomatoes, 1 cup of vegetable juice, 500 grams

Lunch: 140g rice, 1 bowl of Mingtai fish soup, 140g spare ribs and kelp noodles

Dinner: 100g rice, 140g cucumber, 40g steak, bone and meat, 1 egg

Snacks: 200g low fat milk

Exercise plan (if the mother with poor recovery can appropriately reduce the amount of exercise)

Exercise program


Inner thigh extension

Arm and thigh extension

Abdominal and spinal extension exercises

Back neck and shoulder extension

Note (the same below):

1. Rest for 1 minute between each group in the exercise plan

2. Take a 3-minute break between two sports

3. The speed of fast walking is 5 km / h in the first 3 minutes, and then it will be maintained at more than 6 km / h


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